Chris Weidman Couldn’t Pass Up Opportunity of a Lifetime to Fight at UFC on Fox

January 24, 2012

Grand opportunities usually come once in a lifetime and if you get the chance to fulfill your dreams, you’ve got to jump on it.

Enter Chris Weidman (8-0), a humble, hard-nosed wrestler, who is looking to seize the day when he meets top ranked middleweight Demian Maia at UFC on Fox 2 on only a week’s notice.

The former All-American wrestler at Hofstra University has been known to seize the day and believes in high risk for high reward. In his UFC debut, Weidman faced former middleweight striker Alessio Sakara on short-notice and he got the job done.   Not only did Weidman pass the test with flying colors, in just his fifth fight he took out a former contender.

Weidman wasn’t even expected to fight at UFC on Fox 2, but the opportunity came knocking on his door when an injury to Mark Munoz caused the UFC to do a reset. The opportunity to face submission ace Demian Maia was something the Matt Serra pupil couldn’t refuse.

“When I got the phone call from my manager, I just thought it was such a huge opportunity,” Weidman said late last week.

“At first he told me I was probably going to be fighting in March or April and they weren’t going to put him on this next card and he was going to get pulled off I think, so I said, ‘absolutely, that’s a huge opportunity.’  I called my coaches and they were all on board and were confident with the fight and the jump up in competition.

“(The UFC) called back and said Maia really wanted to fight on this Fox card and at that point it was a half hour between two phone calls. I became so pumped up between phone calls I didn’t care when it was.  So when they told me I was going to fight him in a week, I was like let’s do this because I’m excited to get out there and test myself.”

Not only is this an opportunity against a top contender, Weidman gets to showcase his hard work in front of millions of viewers tuning in to Fox on Saturday night.  The 27-year-old doesn’t believe that it matters how much time he had to prepare because at the end of the day, he knows that getting a chance to get to do what he loves and be a part of history is an opportunity he could never pass up.

“It’s a huge opportunity, some people never have opportunities given to them and who am I to throw it away?  In my own mind, this is truly the first Fox card. There’s three main fights on this card; the last one was just a one-fight thing.  This is history in the making and I’m glad to be a part of it.”

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