Chris Camozzi Ready For International Breakout

February 19, 2008

One would think that after all the talent that Colorado has supplied to mixed martial arts over the last several years that the state would
eventually run out of new young talent, but that isn’t so.

Following in the middleweight footsteps of Nate Maquardt, 185-pound fighter Chris Camozzi looks to be the next Colorado fighter to take
the step up to the big stages of MMA.

Currently undefeated in his professional career at 7-0, Camozzi is coming off his biggest win so far with a TKO victory over International
Fight League veteran Donnie Liles this past November. He looks to step up again as he heads north to Canada to compete in the Maximum Fighting Championships this Friday in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

“He came out hard, came out swinging, and the fight was mostly standing – which I prefer,” recalled Chris of his fight with Liles. “We traded a few punches and I believe I landed a head kick that dazed him a little bit, and from there I took control of the fight.

“I was able to get up against the cage and dropped him with a liver shot to end the fight. I don’t throw to the body as often as I’d like to, but it was open, so I went for it.”

With the win over a nationally known fighter such as Liles, he then turned his sights towards the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

“I went out for The Ultimate Fighter 7 and ended up being an alternate,” said Camozzi. “I didn’t make the show and I wasn’t able to take any fights up until I heard from them.”

Now that he’s cleared to fight, Camozzi steps out of his Colorado comfort zone to travel to Canada’s Maximum Fighting Championships to take on “Ultimate Fighter 3” alum Jesse Forbes.

“It will be my first trip to Canada and my first appearance for MFC,” said Camozzi. “I just want to go out and put on a fight that everyone
wants to see, so they’ll have me back.

“I signed a multiple fight deal with them, but I’d like to make myself known so people come out and watch me. Hopefully I can knock this
guy out and do that.”

As Camozzi explains, he is elated to be getting an opportunity to square off against increasingly difficult opposition.

“I’m excited to step up in competition,” he stated. “I feel I perform better with better competition. Each fight I just get better and
better, and I’m just looking forward to showing people what I can do now.”

At the MFC, Camozzi will get an opportunity to fight possibly the toughest battle of his career to date when he matches up with UFC
and WEC veteran Jesse Forbes.

“He’s a tough guy, a good wrestler, but I don’t think he’ll be able to stand with me,” said Camozzi. “I don’t think his ground is any
better than mine. I don’t really see any part of his game that is better than mine.

“I know he’s a wrestler, but this is a fight. He’s big and strong, but so now is everybody these days. Basically I’m just looking to break him. I don’t think he can keep up with me conditioning-wise, so if I can’t knock him out or submit him, I’ll just break him mentally until he gives up.”

Thanks to Mark Cuban’s HDNet, the MFC will be broadcast live Friday night in both Canada and the U.S., giving Camozzi a chance to make a case for himself on an international stage.

“It just gives me more opportunity for more people to see me and hopefully keep moving forward from there,” commented Camozzi. “Like I said, I got turned down for ‘The Ultimate Fighter,’ so I’m looking to come back strong and just prove them wrong and put on a show.

“I need to just start running through guys that they have had (on The Ultimate Fighter), that just kind of makes a statement there.”

As he points out, one thing that will help him stand out from all the other young talent at 185-pounds is his lack of holding back in a fight.

“I have no fear,” exclaimed Camozzi. “The biggest thing for people is that they step in there and they’re afraid to lose. Losing doesn’t go through my head. I just think about what I’m going to do, not what the other guy is going to do.

“If anything, I always feel comfortable falling back on conditioning, because I condition, I believe, harder than anybody – I don’t get tired.”

When it comes to this year, he feels now is the time to make his big push after all the hard work he has put in over the last couple of years.

“I think the Maximum Fighting Championship is one of the bigger organizations, so I’m hoping to do well with them and just keep going,” he stated. “Keep mowing down wins and keep having exciting fights.

“I’m just going to start stepping it up now, taking every tough fight I can. I don’t want to fight guys that people have never heard of. I want to put myself in there with the best people I can and improve myself. I think the only way I’m going to go any further is by beating people that have been there.”

In Chris Camozzi, Colorado looks to have produced another standout young talent that could soon break on the international stage, but it
won’t be easy, as he has a tough task in hand in Jesse Forbes at Friday’s MFC event in Edmonton.

“I’d like to just tell everybody in Denver to keep an eye out for me,” concluded Camozzi. “I’d like to thank Primitive Soul Tattoo, Howard from HCK, and for supporting me.

“I’d like everybody to watch it because I plan on putting this guy down. Like I said, if I can’t knock him out, I’m going to break him. I’m going to work him, keep my hands in his face the whole time until it’s over and I win.”