Chris Brown plowing through frustration with support from Jackson-Wink teammates

To say things have lacked consistency at the start of lightweight prospect Chris Brown’s career is an understatement.

After originally intending to turn pro in the middle of 2017, Brown has suffered a series of fight cancellations that has left him with only four fights when as many as double that were scheduled.

“I’ve been a pro two years now and I’ve only had a few fights because nobody wants to fight me,” Brown told “It was essentially playing the waiting game. Nobody wanted to fight me.

“I was helping everybody else get ready for their fights, so I was staying active and keeping busy, working on my skills, and helping everybody else in the gym.”

Brown admits that while he had some initial difficulty dealing with the lack of activity, he’s been able to get past it and now deals with it as he would any other aspect of the fight game.

“When it first started happening I used to get really depressed about it,” said brown. “I was working so hard for nothing. (My team at Jackson-Wink are) always just reminding me to enjoy the journey, keep in the grind, and keep my head up.

“I think it was the second year I was able to handle it professionally and healthy, instead of being depressed. It took a lot of mental training to get myself in the right mindset. Just stay the course is something I had to tell myself a lot.”

Following a series of cancellations already in 2019, Brown (3-1) will finally have his first bout of the year when he faces Yemi Oduwole (5-1) in a lightweight main card bout at LFA 71 on Friday in Atlanta, Ga.

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“He’s had a couple more fights, but everybody I’ve fought has had more experience than who he’s fought,” Brown said of Oduwole. “He’s fought a couple of guys who only had one fight. I think his last fight he fought someone who was 13-7, but my last two opponents had 30 fights (amateur and pro combined) each.

“I know he doesn’t have the same training partners I have or as many partners as I have that are in the UFC and things like that. I’ve been perfecting my skills, training hard and watching video. I think I’m the better striker and better grappler, so I just have to go out there and do what I do.”

Having had so many issues securing bouts, Brown is going to focus on one thing at a time and not try to look too far ahead to anything that’s not set in stone.

“I just have to go one fight at a time,” said Brown. “I’ve had four fights cancelled this year. I can’t really make plans because I don’t know what’s going on. It’s frustrating, but I keep reminding myself that everything happens for a reason, and that one of these days I’ll get my opportunity to shine.”