Ryo Chonan may have won the battle with Joey Villasenor in the first round of Pride’s 183-pound Bushido Grand Prix, but the war took its toll.

Numerous sources have told MMAWeekly that Chonan had to take a trip to the hospital after his first-round fight, and it was discovered at the hospital that Chonan had multiple orbital bone fractures. The orbital bone is the bone that surrounds the eyeball.

Villasenor landed a few shots to the area in question, most notably during a foot stomp that may have caused the worst of the damage that was sustained by Chonan.

It is unknown at this time how severe the injury is, but rumors have begun to circulate that Chonan could be out for as long as three or four months, which would be the normal timeframe for recovering from surgery to repair a broken orbital bone. If true, this would prevent Chonan from competing in the next round of the tournament, which is scheduled to take place on August 26th.

Pride has not made any comment regarding the injury or who might replace Chonan if he does have to pull out of the tournament.