Charlize Theron is ‘Completely, Completely, and Utterly Obsessed’ with UFC (Video)

Charlize Theron talks UFC on ConanShe’s an Academy Award winning actress, an active member of PETA, and, oh yeah, Charlize Theron is also “completely, completely, and utterly obsessed” with the UFC.

“I was originally introduced to the world of UFC by one of my best friends, who is like a five-foot-seven, really hot, very feminine, girly, girly, girly Asian girl who turns into a foam-at-the-mouth monster whenever she watches UFC,” Theron explained on a recent edition of Conan on TBS.

She wasn’t just hamming it up for entertainment value either. Theron is a fan with a lot of admiration for the fighters.

“I think it’s such an incredible sport. These guys are such incredible athletes.”

Check out highlights from Charlize Theron talking UFC on Conan…