Change of Opponent Moves Cantwell Out of Hostile Territory

Steve Cantwell was the World Extreme Cagefighting light heavyweight champion, having defeated fan favorite Brian Stann a few months ago. After defeating Stann, he got the call that we would face the Marine again in the WEC.

At first, Cantwell wasn’t too thrilled about the fight, but understood that the fight would need to happen again since they each hold a win over the other.

“I thought it was fair under the circumstances because we’re 1-1. I wasn’t too happy about it because I thought it was too soon. I didn’t think the fans would want to see it that soon,” Cantwell told MMAWeekly recently.

After finally getting that coveted belt, the 22-year-old got the news that he was going to be facing Stann not in the WEC, but at the UFC Fight for the Troops card. Cantwell was happy to be fighting on the card, but the fact that he was fighting Stann was definitely not going to make him the most popular fighter on that card.

“Then when they switched venues, because I was supposed to fight Brian Stann in the WEC, they called me a week later and told me I was fighting Brian Stann on the UFC Fight for the Troops. That was kind of throwing me into his backyard. But whatever, that got me more pumped up for the fight.”

Unfortunately for the fans, Stann was forced to pull out of the fight due to an injury. However, Cantwell believes that they will still fight again soon.

“Another week went by and then he pulled out for the fight,” he said. “It would have been a good fight. I’m sure we’ll fight again.”