by Mike Phillips
On Friday, December 1st, more than 4,300 fans watched King of the Cage featuring 17 action packed cage fights at Soboba Casino. Two King of the Cage titles were on the line.

In the welterweight division (170 pounds) Aaron “Slam” Wetherspoon defended his title belt against David Terrel. Wetherspoon, from the beginning, took control by doing a great job of mixing up his punches, elbows, and knees. He kept Terrel on the defensive for most of the fight. The crowd booed as Wetherspoon could not finish Terrel with his combinations. Terrel, with his defensive skills, was able to hang on for the entire three rounds before losing by a unanimous decision. Wetherspoon will now defend his title in June against former KOTC welterweight champion and current Gladiator Challenge champion James Fanshier.

The other title match featured flyweight champion (135 pounds) Manny “Mangler” Tapia defending his belt against Richard Montano. This was the match up of the night. Both fighters seemed to be very confident and ready for battle. They were each bleeding from the exchanges of punches, kicks, and takedowns in the first two rounds. In the third round, Tapia took control with combinations to the head and eventually put Montano to the ground. Tapia was in the mount delivering strikes to the head for a referee stoppage at 3:34 in the third.

John De La O defeats Adrian Perez (hwt) 1st round tapout (armbar) 3:23
Taylor Schmidt defeats Dustin Mast (hwt) 2nd round verbal tapout 1:09
Buckley Acosta defeats Tim Alberty (205) 1st round tapout (strikes) 1:18
Shad Smith defeats Kei Maeda (145) 1st round ref stoppage (strikes) 1:58
Mike Guymon defeats Josh Ramage (170) 1st round tapout (submission) 1:52
David Kiley defeats Frankie Guerrero (140) 1st round armbar 3:36
Kyle Olsen defeats Fred Leeve (160) 1st round tapout (triangle choke) 3:54
Charlie Kohler defeats Donald Molinas (165) 1st round ref stoppage 0:47
Shawn Laughler defeats David Beede (185) 1st round tapout 1:08
Jarrod Rollins defeats Richard Solis (185) 2nd round tapout (armbar) 4:59
Manny Tapia defeats Richard Montano (140) 3 round ref stoppage (strikes) 3:24
Fernando Gonzalez defeats Umar Love (185) 2nd round tapout (injury eye) 0:28
Aaron Wetherspoon defeats David Terrel (170) 3rd round unanimous decision
Calvin Bell defeats Jeremy Ybarra (205) 1st round ref stoppage (strikes) 3:54
Michael Sandec defeats Art Ramirez (160) 1st round ref stoppage (srtikes) 3:37
Ben Beebe defeats Tim Mendoza (hwt) 2nd round split decision.
Sean Mcafferty defeats David Zuniga (205) 1st round rear naked choke hold :35