Champ Yasubey Enomoto Wants to Rep M-1

December 15, 2011

Heading into the fifth and final round of his M-1 Global welterweight title fight against Shamil Zavurov at last week’s M-1 Challenge 30, Yasubey Enomoto knew that he had to make something if he was going to have a chance to win.

“I knew that the fight could go either way because he was the champ and I was the challenger,” he said. “I wanted to finish the last round strong that it gives no questions who won the fight.”

And with just a minute left in the bout Enomoto got the finish he had been looking for.

“When Zavurov was going for the takedown and I was able to sprawl him, he was only resting in the turtle position, so I was waiting a little bit to see if he starts to grab my hands to defense against my hold,” said Enomoto. “As I felt that he didn’t do anything I knew that it’s the perfect time to go for the guillotine, so I took it to choke him out.”

Having been on the verge of winning both the Sengoku and M-1 Global welterweight titles before, Enomoto feels a sense of accomplishment tempered with the knowledge that his next challenge as being a defending champion has only just begun.

“It feels good, but on the other side I have to train even harder and harder for the upcoming opponents who want to take the belt away from me,” he said. “For me every fight is the same, (it) doesn’t matter if it’s a title fight or not, I try to train harder from fight to fight.

“I always want to improve to become better. This is what I like about martial arts, you can study it your whole life and you will always find some new things to make your game better and you never finish with studying. I want to become a complete fighter and this journey will not end until the end of my life.”

After finishing out the year on a personal high with three straight victories and a title, Enomoto told that he’s looking to give back to his promotion in 2012.

“I want to thank my brother Felipe, Andreas Birgels, and my sponsors: Demon Fightwear, Vestax and Soulcore Fightwear,” he concluded. Big thanks also for the people who follow my career and give me feedback to all of my fights.

“2011 was a good year, and in 2012 I want to represent M-1 in other big leagues to battle their champions to shut the people’s mouth who always hate about the M-1 promotion and their fighters.”

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