Hackers Attack UFC President Dana White

January 26, 2012

The hackers that claimed responsibility for re-directing the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s website a few days ago took aim at UFC president Dana White on Thursday, releasing his personal information on the web.

The hackers noted that their takeover of UFC.com was in response to the company’s open support of controversial Internet piracy legislation, SOPA and PIPA.

White discussed the hacking and his company’s support of the legislation following Thursday’s UFC on Fox 2 pre-fight press conference, reiterating their anti-piracy stance.

“Is SOPA the perfect bill, no it’s not,” he said. “The only thing that we’re focused on is piracy. Piracy is stealing.”

He openly challenged the hackers, daring the cyber-bullies to come after them again because they are only fueling the people who actually support SOPA in the first place.

“Keep hacking our site, do it again. Do it tonight,” said White. “These guys look like terrorists now and a bill that was about to die, is about to come back.”

Despite his characterization as terrorists, or maybe because of it, the group accepted the challenge, but instead of going after UFC.com again, they took aim directly at White.

“@danawhite We don’t want your site anymore. We are going after YOU! Follow me for tonights exciting events! #ufc #sopa #acta #pipa,” tweeted one of the hackers, who identifies himself as Josh Matthews with the Twitter account and hacker handle @JoshTheGod.

JoshTheGod, MrOsama, AntiGov, promoting the website UgNazi.com, claimed responsibility for releasing White’s personal information, which included phone numbers, a social security number, vehicle identification number, residential addresses, and other information.

While White doesn’t back down from his company’s stance against Internet piracy, he was clear that he’s not anti-Internet.

“I love the Internet. It helped us grow our biz,” he said.

“(But) people are stealing my (expletive) on the net and selling it or selling ads on it. Me and my partners have busted our ass for 10 years to build the sport,” White continued.

“If you guys want to change the world, good for you! Just don’t steal my (expletive).”

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Erik Fontanez contributed to this report.
@Erik_Fontanez on Twitter or e-mail Erik Fontanez.