Chael vs. Wand Likely to Support Weidman vs. Belfort in May, but Punishment Due for TUF Fight

January 30, 2014

Chael Sonnen vs Wand Faceoff TUF 3 SetThe date for Chris Weidman’s middleweight title defense against Vitor Belfort has yet to be set, but it’s sounding more and more likely that it will happen in May.

Weidman has said he prefers the Memorial Weekend fight card to the Fourth of July Weekend, as he’d like to have a bit of a “normal summer” with his family.

UFC president Dana White, during a media gathering in New York on Thursday, said that a date still hasn’t been set, but they appear to be leaning towards UFC 173 on May 24 for the fight.

He also added that the as-yet unscheduled bout between The Ultimate Fighter Brazil 3 coaches, Chael Sonnen and Wanderlei Silva, is likely to grace the same fight card as Weidman vs. Belfort.

There had been some controversy swirling around Sonnen and Silva earlier this week due to a fight that reportedly broke out between the two coaches during filming, something that, while anticipated by many, wasn’t supposed to happen until they reached the Octagon.

“Wanderlei and Chael fought. Just today. They literally fought,” White said during a media luncheon with on Monday after hesitating about whether or not he should reveal the reality series incident.

He didn’t provide much detail, but said there was a physical confrontation between the two and that at least one other person from Silva’s team was involved.

“While they were fighting, one of Wanderlei’s guys sucker punched Chael,” White continued.  “It went on for awhile.”

In addition to saying that Sonnen vs. Silva is likely to grace the Weidman vs. Belfort undercard, he added that there was some punishment doled out related to the fight that broke out during filming. He would not, however, reveal what that punishment was, saying that we’d all have to “tune in to TUF” to find out.

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