Chael Sonnen Video: Free Market or Black Market, Anderson Needed to Repair His Leg

The fallout from the revelation of Anderson Silva‘s positive test for steroids was massive and swift. Less than 24 hours after the out-of-competition drug test result was revealed, Chael Sonnen joined his buddy Mike Landsberg on his show “Off the Record,” where the two discussed Silva’s situation at length. Sonnen even compared it to his own issues with performance enhancing substances that landed him a two-year ban from the Nevada Athletic Commission.


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Not only did they discuss Silva, with Sonnen saying the former champion had to do whatever was necessary to heal his severely broken leg, but they also let loose information about a pending meeting between Sonnen, Wanderlei Silva, and the WWE, the world’s leading professional wrestling organization.

Check out the Sonnen-Landsberg exchange below…

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