Chael Sonnen Means “Nothing” to Anderson Silva

Chael Sonnen takes digs at UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva at every turn. His mission seems to be to goad Silva and anyone who will listen to him into making a rematch between the two.

For many people, Sonnen would be driving them to the brink of sanity.

But what does all the goading mean to Silva? He shook his head as he responded to on Wednesday night, saying simply, “Nothing.” Chael Sonnen’s antics mean nothing to him.

“I’m in the UFC for fights,” Silva explained. “Chael, Mark Munoz, Vitor Belfort, Brian Stann, Chris Leben, I’m staying here for fight. This is my work. It’s my life.”

He appears to have no preference who he fights, Silva just wants to do his job.

But for now, sidelined with a shoulder injury, Silva is taking some time away from fighting to be with his family over the holidays. He’ll likely not return until early summer, perhaps to headline a mega-event in Brazil.

Until then, we leave you with Anderson Silva’s one-on-one video interview with Ryan McKinnell for…