Chael Sonnen Doesn’t Buy that Violent Sports Lead to Violent Acts

December 27, 2012

Chael Sonnen at UFC 148Whenever a tragedy happens, there’s always an immediate search for the cause and effect surrounding the horrible incident.

In the case of Kansas City Chiefs player Jovan Belcher, who murdered his girlfriend before committing suicide, there were more than a few questions as to why this all happened?

In a question raised by Showtime host Jim Rome to UFC fighter and Ultimate Fighter coach Chael Sonnen, he asked if a violent sport leads to a violent life? Could Belcher’s involvement in a violent sport such as football put him on the past to violent acts like the horrible atrocities he committed on Dec. 1?

“I absolutely don’t,” Sonnen said when asked if violence begets violence. “Jovan goes in, he does a horrible, horrible, despicable act, they blame everything. They blame depression, they blame concussions. Look concussions don’t mash people’s brains up, I mash people’s brains up. Let’s not forget this is the same sport where these guys were wrapping a roll of toilet paper around their head and then going out and playing.

“Nobody ever killed their girlfriend until O.J. Simpson got the bright idea to do it.”

Sonnen doesn’t believe you have to look any further for the cause of the violent crime than to Belcher himself, who is the one that committed the act. Playing football or fighting in a cage don’t lead someone to commit murder.

Sometimes a person is just evil and they do an evil thing according to Sonnen.

“They blame everything from the concussions, to depression, to possible medication, they even blamed the gun. I read articles where they blamed the gun. When’s the last time you saw a gun walk into a room and shoot somebody?” Sonnen asked.

“They did everything they could do except blame the dumbass that was holding the gun that is named Javon Belcher. Let’s make sure to call it what it is.”