Chael Sonnen: Conor McGregor Pissed Off the Wrong Official

(Courtesy of Chael Sonnen)

Conor McGregor jumped the cage at Bellator 187 on Friday, shoved the referee, rescaled the cage and slapped a Bellator official, and then was escorted from 3Arena in Dublin.

It doesn’t appear that McGregor was a cornerman, which makes sanctioning him difficult, but as Chael Sonnen, a very experienced fighter who now competes under the Bellator banner, said, McGregor’s transgressions may have come under the watchful eye of a regulator that he might not have wanted to upset. 

Bellator 187 was being overseen by Mike Mazzulli, the director of the Mohegan Tribe Depart of Athletic Regulation. But that is only one of Mazzulli’s jobs. He is also the president of the Association of Boxing Commissions. 

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In short, Mazzulli is a man that has a lot of pull in combat sports across the globe. He could make trouble for McGregor, whom he told, “Is not larger than MMA.”

Listen in as Sonnen weighs in on McGregor’s transgressions in Dublin and what sort of repercussions he might fact.

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