by Mitch Gobetz – MMAWeekly.com (Photo by Tom Casino/EliteXC)

Kaitlin Young will be taking on female mixed martial arts superstar Gina<br /> Carano Saturday night on EliteXC’s debut event on CBS

courtesy of Tom Casino, EliteXC)


Young will be taking on female mixed martial arts superstar
Gina Carano Saturday night on EliteXC’s debut event on CBS
Television. Young, who holds a professional mixed record of 4-1, will have the
most notoriety she’s ever had going into this fight. Not only will Young be
making her network television debut, but she will also be fighting the most
recognized name in female MMA.


With both of
those factors looming, she has recognized the fact that there is much more
press for this fight, but it hasn’t inhibited her mentality. “Yeah, it’s been
much more so,” Young mentioned recently on
. “I’ve
been so busy, I haven’t thought about it.”


opportunity like this doesn’t come around very often, so when she heard the
news, Young was naturally very pleased. “I was super excited. It was awesome.
It was rumored to be me. When they called me, I was just ecstatic.”


This fight
will more than likely be the most watched fight in womens’ MMA history. Even
though that will be added pressure, Young tries to make the most out of it. “I
do feel obligated to perform at my best. I feel like the training camp went
very well. I feel that gut feeling that I do before any fight.”


Young has certainly been impressive in her short career. Her most impressive
credential is when she defeated three fighters in one night in one of Bodog’s
promoted events. Even more impressive is that she finished all three of her
opponents in less than a minute in each fight.


Young had
recently lost for the first time in her short career back in February. She took
the loss in stride and received support from her camp at the Minnesota Martial
Arts Academy. She didn’t receive any specific mental advice, but did try to
patch any holes in her game. “I really didn’t get any mental training,” Young
explained. “It was just like this is what I have to work on and that’s what I


There have
been some outspoken female fighters that disprove of the attention that Gina
Carano has obtained since her quick rise to superstardom began. After all, she
was on Fight Girls and is now featured on the hit show on NBC, American
Gladiators as “Crush.” While Young realizes that a lot of the attention will be
on Carano, she recognizes that it will ultimately mean more people watching her


people know her as a mixed martial artist, but I think part of that fact is
that she’s in American Gladiators and Fight Girls and she’s just out there.
More people will be watching this fight because ‘Crush’ from American
Gladiators is fighting, so in a way, I can’t complain too much about it. I
think that’s something that might be hard on her fighting career. For women’s
MMA, it could be a positive thing,” commented Young.


On a recent
conference call, Carano mentioned that she did not have as much time to train
for this fight as she would have liked due to the filming on American
Gladiators. Young doesn’t take that for granted and believes that Carano will
be ready to go. “Maybe she just really didn’t have much time to train. The way
I look at it is she’s had 13 or 14 Thai boxing fights and five MMA fights. She
knows what she has to do to be fighting, so I have a hard time believing she’d
go in there unprepared.”


Carano may not have had the proper time to prepare, Young hasn’t decided if
she’ll push the pace a little more. Implying that she is a fast-paced fighter,
Young said, “I think I’m kind of like that anyway. It makes me wonder but at
the same time, it’s three minute rounds.”


One thing
that Young is very confident about is the fact that she plans to put on a show
and take advantage of Carano’s weaknesses. “I think it’ll be a really good
fight. I’ve been training a lot of ground. I know she’s still working on that.
I see things that I think I can capitalize on. I think it’ll be a really good
show for the fans.”


are not in Kaitlin Young’s vocabulary and she doesn’t believe that it will go
to one at CBS-EliteXC
Saturday Night Fights
. “I think this fight is likely to be a finish. I
really do. I’ve never had a fight go past the second round. I think it’ll be
shorter. It’s going to be fast paced and competitive and I think I may finish
it in the late second, early third round.”