by Marco Antico
Dear CanadianMMA Fans,

The CBC is doing its first ever television segment on Mixed Martial Arts this Sunday, May 28th. It’s a 30 minute segment mainly profiling Georges St-Pierre and David Loiseau in their fights at UFC 58: USA vs Canada.

The latter portion of the segment will feature an interview with yours truly, Marco Antico, speaking about the impediments of legalizing MMA in Ontario and a rebuttal from the Ontario Athletic Commissioner, Ken Hayashi.

The news program will be part of CBC News Sunday. It will air in the morning at 10am and then repeat in the evening at 10pm. An extended 60 minute version is also planned for the summer time.

It is encouraging to see a highly respectable news agency such as the CBC do a feature on MMA and it was truly my pleasure to be involved with this project. Raising the public’s awareness on this issue is very important in achieving our ultimate goal. Therefore, please feel free to pass this information along to anyone you know who may be interested.

Marco Antico