Cat Zingano thought she was going to lose her eye in her last fight

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Cat Zingano’s most recent fight, a loss to Megan Anderson, only lasted a minute, but it was a minute that nearly changed the course of her life. Zingano thought that her entire world had suffered a drastic shift in direction when Anderson’s toe went directly into her eye. 

It wasn’t considered an illegal strike since it wasn’t a finger poke, but it had similar damaging results and caused an end to the bout in Anderson’s favor. But for Zingano, at that moment, she wasn’t even thinking about the win or the loss, she was thinking about whether or not she’d ever be able to use that eye again.

“I thought I lost my eye,” Zingano said in a scrum with reporters at the recent UFC Fight Night on ESPN in Phoenix. “I thought if I opened my eye it was going to spill out onto my face. I didn’t want to open it in the cage. When they came up and they checked it, they told me to open it. I said, ‘You’re not the one that I’m gonna open this for.’ Like, ‘I need somebody that knows what’s up to be looking at me.’ I thought I lost it.”

She can now look back on the moment with a better perspective, knowing she isn’t going to lose her eye and that she should return to some sort of normalcy with it. 

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Aside from talking to the media about the incident and her concern of possibly losing her eye, Zingano was actually able to tell a few humorous stories about meeting up with former UFC champion Michael Bisping and current UFC trainer Mike Winkeljohn, both of whom have suffered permanent eye injuries.