Carwin Vs. Gonzaga Not Signed Yet

Despite several reports to the contrary, a bout between heavyweight prospect Shane Carwin and Gabriel Gonzaga at UFC 96 has not been signed.

A source from Carwin’s camp told MMAInsider that Carwin had not received word of the bout, nor had he received any bout agreements for a fight with the top ranked Brazilian fighter.

Recently, Carwin was presented with a list of names of possible opponents, in which Gonzaga was at the top of the list. Though Colorado native Carwin would be open to such a bout, it is far from a done deal.

The source did say, however, that Carwin had recently inked a new extension to his UFC contract, and though the exact number was not disclosed, it is certain that Carwin will be with the promotion for at least four more fights. As of late, the UFC has increased the number of minimum fights for its extensions, with the average deal for between four and six fights.