Carmichael Dave On Details of Fedor’s Deal — UPDATE

Radio show host Carmichael Dave of Sports 1140 KHTK AM was just one of many to weigh in on today’s news that Fedor Emelianenko was not UFC bound, but he relayed some interesting — if unverified — details about the UFC’s deal with the Russian and his reps.

We know now that Fedor and his M-1 business partners, including manager Vadim Finkelchtein, had a teleconference with UFC officials yesterday, in which the UFC made an offer to secure Emelianenko’s services.

According to Carmichael Dave — who has had regular access to UFC president Dana White for some time — this is the offer that M-1 ended up turning down. (But again, we must stress that this is unverified.)

– A 6-fight, $30 million contract

– An immediate title shot at UFC 103 against Brock Lesnar

– A cut of the UFC 103 pay-per-view on top of Fedor’s purse

– The ability for Fedor to wear as many M-1 logoed items as he wished

– The ability for Fedor to compete in combat Sambo

At a press conference held in Anaheim on Wednesday, Finkelchtein stressed that without co-promotion between the UFC and M-1, Emelianenko would not grace the Octagon any time soon.

Whether the parties come together for a second round of negotiations remains unknown, but Finkelchtein said he and Emelianenko were currently fielding offers from multiple promotions.


Since initial reports of Carmichael Dave’s comments on the UFC’s contract offer to Fedor, there have been several other reports contradicting the terms mentioned.

One of the most substantial is Loretta Hunt’s report on She spoke to Joost Raimond, CEO for M-1 Global, who “called the report ‘completely ludicrous’ and said negotiations never even reached the point where the number of fights contracted for Emelianenko was decided.”

Raimond did, however, characterize negotiations with the UFC as “very professional, productive and respectful.”