Carlos Condit Would Fight Teammate Diego Sanchez Under the Right Circumstances

March 30, 2011

Carlos Condit at WEC 35As the time rapidly approaches when former teammates Jon Jones and Rashad Evans will square off for the UFC light heavyweight championship, the question about other top fighters training out of the Team Jackson camp facing one another continue to swirl.

One pairing that could be on a collision course one day is former WEC welterweight champion Carlos Condit and his teammate Diego Sanchez.

Condit is currently ranked in the Top 10 in the welterweight division, and with Sanchez’s recent win over Martin Kampmann, he isn’t trailing too far behind either.

Beyond just being teammates, Condit believes the hardest part of fighting someone you work with is figuring out how you’d train for each other.

“As far as teammates fighting each other, some different things arise like who’s going to train where for the fight? Are you guys still going to be at the same gym? Are you going to come in, in the morning? Is the other guy going to come in at night? It’s all something to be considered,” Condit said recently.

Condit is readying for a return to action after a knee injury forced him out of his scheduled fight at UFC 127 against Chris Lytle. While no date for his return has been set, Condit is likely to end up on one of the summer cards, possibly in June or July.

He returned home to New Mexico to train with Team Jackson, and Sanchez went back to his original camp as well after spending several years working in and around California.

While the pair of welterweights haven’t been asked to fight yet, Condit believes that if the right situation came about, he’d fight Sanchez, but not just for giggles.

“As far as fighting Diego, me and him are teammates and training partners. If it was a title fight, like a very, very big fight, we could put friendship and everything aside, and go scrap. But unless it’s something like that, we’d probably try to avoid it,” Condit stated.

Right now, both Condit and Sanchez are awaiting opponents, but they don’t seem to be in the position where the UFC would have to see them fight each other. But if both continue their climb towards the top of the division, it’s something that may happen sooner rather than later.

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