Carlos Condit Plans to Spoil GSP’s Hopes of Facing Nick Diaz

As UFC 143 fast approaches, a lot of the attention this week has turned to UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre and his extreme desire to face Nick Diaz later this year.

Lost in the mix of all of that is current top ranked contender Carlos Condit, who actually faces Diaz this weekend in Las Vegas.

Condit and St-Pierre, who share many of the same training partners, but never actually worked together, came face to face on Fuel’s ‘UFC Tonight’ on Tuesday.

For all of GSP’s desires to face Diaz later this year, Condit had to be the bearer of bad news to tell him sorry it isn’t going to happen.

“Well, Georges I hate to say it, but I’m looking to spoil your party,” Condit said.

Check out the full video of Condit and GSP coming face to face from UFC Tonight: