by Matt Hill – MMAWeekly.com
With his World Extreme Cagefighting title fight against “The Natural” John Alessio just over the horizon now, Carlos Condit joined MMAWeekly’s SoundOff Radio to discuss his upcoming title shot and how it feels to now be part of Zuffa, the biggest name in MMA today.

Carlos recently signed an exclusive contract with MMA powerhouse Zuffa to fight in their newly obtained organization, the WEC. If signing a contract with the biggest company in MMA wasn’t already enough, Zuffa matchmakers thrilled Condit even further by asking him to fight John Alessio this Saturday night for the organization’s vacant welterweight title.

“It’s really exciting to be with these guys,” said Condit. “It seems like they’re really filling out their roster quite a bit with some really tough competition and I’m looking forward to this coming fight this weekend and I’m just really excited about the future with the WEC.”

Saturday night’s fight will be Condit’s second chance at a title and one thing is certain, he doesn’t want to let another title opportunity slip through his grasp.

“It’s been about a year since I fought Jake Shields for the Rumble on the Rock title and I’m looking for a little bit of payback in that arena,” Condit said.

Grateful for his opportunity to fight for the welterweight championship, Condit is excited at the prospect of where this fight could take him in his career.

He said, “I’m honored. John’s a really tough guy and I think that the matchmaker really put together a good fight…I think it’s going to be a killer bout.”

Condit has always been well versed in kickboxing, but of late he has shown his continuously budding submission game, beating durable veteran Frank Trigg via triangle armbar choke and winning two of his last three fights by submission.

Carlos has proven that he can finish a fight from any position and although he may not be too incredibly well known on the UFC circuit yet, it seems very likely that he could be just one victory away from MMA stardom.

So what can new fans that haven’t yet had the opportunity to watch him fight expect when Condit steps in the cage with Alessio on March 24th?

“I think it’s going to be a tough fight,” said Condit. “John’s a tough guy, he’s going to bring it. He’s going to try to control me on the ground, try to pass my guard and keep the pressure on me…I’m predicting a knockout, from myself…delivered to John Alessio.”