Carlos Condit Joins New UFC Champ Johny Hendricks as Fighters Headed into Surgery

March 19, 2014

Carlos ConditUFC welterweight Carlos Condit suffered a leg injury at UFC 171 over the weekend that ended his fight with Tyron Woodley.

It now appears that the initial belief that Condit suffered a torn anterior cruciate ligament and partially torn meniscus were accurate. Condit’s manager, Malki Kawa confirmed the injury and the necessity for surgery to repair it to partner Yahoo! Sports on Wednesday.

“We’re still uncertain how long he will be out and how much recovery time will be required,” Kawa said. “We’re going to make sure that Carlos gets the best care and we’ve been working closely with the UFC on scheduling the surgery.”

Condit’s injury occurred in the second round of the fight with Woodley.

Woodley had been doing a good job taking the fight to Condit early, landing some big power shots. Then, in the second round, Condit was coming forward with a flurry, but Woodley planted him on the mat, Condit wincing in pain as they crashed to the canvas.

Woodley tied Condit up and they were forced back to their feet. Woodley immediately attacked with a vicious leg kick that nearly took out Condit’s left leg and forced him to spin on his right leg, which was injured in the previous takedown.

Condit crumpled to the canvas in pain, cradling his right knee to his chest, the referee immediately stopping the fight.

And with that, like UFC champion Johny Hendricks, who tore his biceps muscle, Condit is now on the surgeon’s schedule instead of the UFC’s.

“Carlos is a fighter and it hurts not to be able to fight for a while, but he’s in great spirits and he’s looking forward to having the surgery and then working as hard as possible on his rehab,” Kawa told Yahoo! Sports.

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