Carlos Condit: First Nick Diaz Then GSP

December 8, 2011

First he wasn’t in a title fight, and then a bizarre incident occurred and he got a title shot. Then the champion got injured and he was asked to wait, but ultimately got bumped out of the title shot.

Now with champion Georges St-Pierre sidelined for the next 10 months after tearing his ACL in training, Carlso Condit will fight for the UFC interim welterweight title against Nick Diaz at UFC 143.

It’s certainly been an up and down past few months for the former WEC champion, but Condit continues to roll with the punches and now he gets another new opponent with a belt on the line.

“Another change of opponents, it’s been kind of a crazy ride the last couple of months, but you just kind of got to roll with it,” Condit said on Tuesday.

“The good thing is I’ve been training, I’ve been focusing on what I need to be doing to win the fight no matter who they put in front of me.”

Over the past several months Condit has gone from B.J. Penn, to Georges St-Pierre, to Josh Koscheck and now finally Nick Diaz.

Ultimately, Condit is happy with the choice of fighters because facing Nick Diaz is something that’s been on his radar for quite some time.

“I’m really excited, I’ve been wanting to step inside the Octgon with Nick Diaz for a really long time. Great fighter, great skill set, and I really think we’re going to put on a good show for the fans,” Condit stated.

Unless something else crazy happens, which at this point Carlos Condit has to be accustomed to, the New Mexico native will face Nick Diaz for the 170lb UFC title in February.

Condit hopes to snatch that title first, and then wait for St-Pierre’s knee to heal so he can take that belt as well.

“I will be the UFC interim champion and then when Georges (St-Pierre) gets better, I will be the undisputed UFC champion,” Condit said with confidence.

Condit will first try to go through Nick Diaz on Super Bowl weekend to claim the UFC interim welterweight title to add to his collection.

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