Corben Matthew MacDonald, 24, has been charged on 42 counts by a court in Nova Scotia for allegedly running illegal street fights in Canada. If convicted he could face six months in jail and a $2,000 fine according to a report by CTV.ca.

MacDonald, who is noted as executive producer on the videos for the illegal fights, has been accused of organizing East Coast Street Fights after a police investigation led to evidence of 21 illegal fights.

For each of the 21 illegal fights, MacDonald faces a charge for unlawfully advising, encouraging and promoting a prize fight, and a charge for being present at a prize fight as an aide, second surgeon, umpire, backer or reporter.

The authorities began looking into MacDonald’s activities after many of the fight videos filmed were shown on YouTube and complaints were filed.

A judge has held the case over until Jan. 30, 2008 for the hearing.

In Nova Scotia, it’s illegal to promote or host a fight without permission from the Nova Scotia Boxing Authority.

MacDonald has made no official statement about the fights or the promotion since the arrest.