Can the UFC Change Jon Jones’ Mind or Could Alexander Gustafsson vs. Daniel Cormier Be Next?

Jon Jones 478 x 270Following recent events that saw Jon Jones say he wants to fight Daniel Cormier and not Alexander Gustafsson, things might finally get settled this week.

According to a report Wednesday from UFC Tonight, Jones and his manager, Malki Kawa, are scheduled to meet with UFC President Dana White in Las Vegas on Thursday.

The meeting is meant to find a resolution to the problem of Jones and the UFC not seeing eye to eye on the light heavyweight champion’s next opponent.

White said in a statement on Monday that he and UFC Chairman Lorenzo Fertitta planned to meet Jones, and their efforts will go towards getting him to sign the bout agreement to fight Gustafsson.

As for the Swedish challenger, Gustafsson wrote in a Facebook statement that Jones needs to “be a man … and stop running.”

“Keep in mind that after I beat you and become the champ I might be doing the same to you when you chase me for a rematch, as a revenge for not accepting my challenge,” Gustafsson wrote.

If Jones doesn’t accept the fight, Gustafsson’s manager told the FOX Sports 1 program that they would agree to fight Daniel Cormier, but only if it is for an interim title.

Cormier revealed recently that he fought his last bout against Dan Henderson with an injured knee, and surgery would be required. The fighter told UFC Tonight that he would delay any procedure and accept the Gustafsson bout, agreeing to the same terms regarding it being for an interim title.

At this time it appears Jones still desires a fight with Cormier over Gustafsson, making his desire public with a recent YouTube video addressing those who think he’s a coward, saying “It’s my career, not yours.”

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