by Damon Martin – MMAWeekly.com
By Damon Martin, MMAWeekly

None of the competitors stepping into the Rumble on the Rock 8 man welterweight tournament have the level of experience that Ronald “Machine Gun” Jhun does and he’ll be banking on that experience to try and get a win over Frank Trigg in the first round of the tournament.

Ronald Jhun has competed in many different organizations throughout his career including the UFC, King of the Cage, Shooto and of course, Rumble on the Rock. While Jhun’s record isn’t overly impressive, the level of competition that he’s faced over his career is littered with top notch fighters from all parts of the world.

Over the span of his career Ronald Jhun has racked up some very big wins over opponents such as Joe Stevenson, Shonie Carter, Dave Strasser, and Jason Von Flue. His losses have come at the hands of some other very well known fighters like Jason “Mayhem” Miller, Chris Lytle, and Jermaine Andre.

No one has ever questioned the heart of Ronald Jhun, but he has fallen on hard times as of late in the fight game. Losing 4 out of his last 5 fights, this may be Jhun’s last chance to really get back into the rankings and prove that he belongs there.

After a tough loss to Chris Lytle at UFC 49, Jhun returned home to Hawaii where he was defeated in Superbrawl by Jason Miller. A win over Shigetoshi Iwase followed, but then back to back losses to UFC veteran Jay Hieron and Thales Leites in September at Rumble on the Rock.

Jhun does have a well rounded game, finishing many of his fights by both strikes and/or submission. While Jhun has lost by TKO a few times, most have been by doctor’s stoppage, which shows that he can take a punch and keep coming back into the fight.

Jhun’s biggest weakness has been his ground game where he has been submitted a few times, and fighting a wrestler like Frank Trigg, Ronald Jhun will do what he can to keep this fight standing. Standing at 5’11”, he will have a reach advantage over the shorter fighter in Trigg, and being from Hawaii, he will have the hometown crowd on his side.

Ronald Jhun will take on Frank Trigg at Rumble on the Rock, January 20th live from Honolulu, Hawaii.