Can Colorado’s Cat Albert Break Into National Spotlight With a Win Over Carina Damm?

December 8, 2010

Cat Albert drives home the knee at Ring of Fire 38

Cat Albert drives home the knee at Ring of Fire 38

Having tasted success on the local stage, Colorado women’s 125-pound fighter Cat Albert is ready to move up and make a run at national supremacy.

The first step in Albert’s journey is no easy one, as she takes on internationally recognized top female fighter Carina Damm at Winter Fury this Friday in North Dakota.

“Every fight is kind of a steppingstone for me,” Albert told “Each fight is usually (indicative) of what I want to work on next, so I’ve been working on those things, gaining confidence in those areas, and I can’t wait to get out there and showcase it.”

As for what Albert was alluding to, it’s no surprise that Damm’s specialty is the ground game, and with similar strengths, going to the ground is inevitability.

“I don’t look at (her jiu-jitsu) as a threat, but I look at it as a challenge,” stated Albert. “I love a good opportunity to see what I can do with the stuff that I’ve been working. I’m pretty confident with everything I’ve worked on and I’m happy to put it to the test.”

Recently, fighters like Sarah Kaufman have been caught in submissions while being overly aggressive on the ground.

When asked if her attacking style may need to be tempered in the fight to avoid possibly getting in a similar situation, Albert replied, “No, I really try not to focus on what she’s going to try to do to me; I pay a lot more attention to what my coaches want me to do on the offensive.

“Of course, we work on drills where I’m put in a bad position and I have to get out of it, but my style is to be more of an offensive, technical, advancing fighter. There’s no real worries about what she’s going to do.”

Both fighters have previously competed above the 125-pound weight limit, but Albert believes she has an edge in size due to her background.

“We’re both coming down in weight class, so I definitely have that in mind that both her and I are naturally bigger girls,” commented Albert. “Coming from a wrestling background, I’ve taken into account weight, strength, and how everything applies as far as moving bodies and having leverage and things like that.”

A win over Damm could put Albert in the national spotlight and could lead her to bigger shows, but her focus isn’t so much where she fights, but who she fights.

“Whatever show I fight for is whatever show I fight for, but I’m always looking for bigger and better,” said Albert. “I love to challenge myself and see where I’m at mentally and physically against all these girls I see. It’s something I look forward to getting into.”

With a bright future ahead, Cat Albert could put herself closer to achieving goals with a solid performance this Friday.

“I’d like to thank my all sponsors, Zingano Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai of Colorado,” she closed out. “I plan on having a really awesome fight. Come out and see me. I plan on showing people how great this sport is.”