Cameron Olson Prepared To ‘Get It Done’ at LFA 12 Against Julian Marquez

After suffering a controversial decision loss to Jordan Young at Victory FC 48 in February of 2016, light-heavyweight prospect Cameron Olson knew he had to make a change.

At the time Olson was cutting down to middleweight, and as he describes it, the cut ended up being more damaging than beneficial, especially in the Young fight.

“I was just exhausted,” Olson told “I’ve been exhausted before, but I hit an unhealthy level. I just wanted the fight to be over because I was so tired from cutting weight.

“I walk around at about 220-pounds to 225-pounds, and cutting to 185-pounds was too much. So going to 205-pounds made a big difference.”

When it comes to the differences between middleweight and light-heavyweight, Olson feels there’s just as strong of an argument for him to be fighting heavier than staying at the lighter weight class.

“Some people maybe argue the height thing,” said Olson. “But I fought a guy who was around 6’5” at middleweight. People talk how people punch harder, but I have more weight, more liquid, in my body so I can take heavier blows at light-heavyweight.

“Of course my energy and what I can dish out too is such a difference at light-heavyweight. I would love to be a big guy at middleweight, but I don’t think I could realistically make it anymore.”

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Since moving up in weight, Olson (7-2) has gone on a three-fight winning streak. He will be looking for his fourth victory in a row when he takes on Julian Marquez (4-1) in a main card 205-pound bout at LFA 12 in Prior Lake, Minn., on Friday.

Cameron Olson“I just want to push the pace,” Olson said. “At Roufusport we plan for anything. You can have a huge game plan, and it can go out of the window in the first five seconds. Ideally, just make sure I’m not throwing any half-assed punches out there, get it done and get out of there.”

As Olson moves up in his career, he feels that the time will have to come when the compensation for the level of opposition he’s facing have to meet, and when that happens, he’ll be ready to make the move up.

“I’m willing to fight anyone, but if I’m going to be fighting someone at a super high level, at this point why not get into the UFC and get paid,” said Olson. “I enjoy fighting as well, but we’re here to get paid, we’re prizefighters. The quicker I can get into the UFC the better. I’m prepared and am willing to take that step.”

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