Calie Cat Turned Self Defense into a Combat Sports Career

While Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and boxing can be seen as combat sports to many, people tend to forget the self-defense aspect of those disciplines.

For Calie Cat, her route to the LFC came from a need to defend herself, thus learning legitimate fighting skills across multiple disciplines.

“I started doing BJJ after I left an abusive relationship,” Cat told “I wanted to know how to defend myself and get out of the situation. After that, I fell in love with boxing, specifically kickboxing.”

Calie Cat - LFCWhile initially Cat used her self-defense skills to help her in her personal life, an out of the blue offer has led her to put that same skillset to use in a different way with the LFC.

“The producer found me on Facebook and asked me to join the league,” said Cat. “I was a model, ring girl, and trained MMA at the time.

“My previous matches have been great. I’m undefeated and plan on continuing that.”

On July 9 in Kansas City, Missouri, Cat will once again step into the LFC cage to take on mulit-sport athlete Julie Ginther in a feature bout.

“I’m very excited about LFC 23, especially because I missed LFC 22 due to an old injury that flared up,” Cat said. “I’ve been training really hard and know (Ginther) and I have opposite game plans.

“I’m pretty sure it won’t be a problem because I am bigger and stronger than her.”

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From here, Cat hopes to make the transition from the LFC to boxing and making a go of it there.

“I plan on doing a boxing fight in the future,” concluded Cat. “Thank you (for the interview) and God bless.”

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