Caio Magalhaes Reportedly Out of UFC 184 Moments After Announcement

UFC officials on Thursday announced a fight between Mark Munoz and Caio Magalhaes for UFC 184 Feb. 28 in Los Angeles. The only problem is, it seems someone forgot to check with Magalhaes before the fight was made public.

Shortly after the announcement, Magalhaes told reporter Guilherme Cruz, “Unfortunately, I won’t be able to fight. I had a teeth pulled before my last fight and had an infection. After my last fight, I had another teeth pulled and it’s swollen, so I will have to undergo surgery next week to fix it. And I will probably lose bone around my teeth.

“I will be able to fight at the end of March,” he added. “I will be 100-percent to fight Mark Munoz or anyone else the UFC wants.”

Munoz’s manager indicated that the UFC would pursue a new opponent for his fighter.

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