by Damon Martin – MMAWeekly.com
Cain Velasquez is ready for his shot at Brock Lesnar whenever the UFC makes the call.

The Arizona State wrecking machine has been waiting since his February win over Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira for his shot at the UFC heavyweight title. Now that Lesnar has defeated Shane Carwin, he’s just biding his time and waiting for the decision on when the fight will take place.

Rumors had circulated over the weekend that if everyone involved was prepared, Lesnar vs. Velasquez could possibly headline UFC 119 in Indianapolis, but it appears the fight won’t take place then. Yahoo MMA reporter Kevin Iole said on Tuesday that the UFC would not put that fight on so soon, but as of now Velasquez hasn’t heard much of anything.

“Only thing I’ve heard is rumors right now, until Dana and the UFC officially make a date for us,” Velasquez told MMAWeekly Radio on Tuesday. “That’s all I know.”

For now it’s not a question of if, it’s a question of when Velasquez will get his shot, but he says he’s ready to start his full training camp for Lesnar as soon as possible.

“I’m in shape now, so it pretty much doesn’t matter to me either,” Velasquez stated. “(I’m) just staying ready, and that’s pretty much it, just have to find out when we fight.”

During his recent downtime, the former NCAA All-American has continued his work at American Kickboxing Academy in San Jose, Calif., training and preparing for whoever held the belt at the end of UFC 116.

“It’s been good, just getting a lot of technical stuff down, really working technique with my coaches,” said Velasquez. “Trying to improve in stuff that I think I need improvement on. I think it’s been good.”

Watching the fight between Lesnar and Carwin on Saturday, Velasquez has already started to analyze what he’ll need to do to beat the champion. He admits that he will have to work hard to put Lesnar away after the heart he showed on Saturday, but Velasquez is confident that he has the tools to dismantle the big man.

“I think I match up well,” he said about the fight with Lesnar. “He’s definitely a bigger guy and also really powerful, but I think I’ve trained and wrestled guys that are his size, so I’m used to competing against guys that are that big. I’m just excited for this opportunity.”

If the fight between Lesnar and Velasquez is pushed back beyond the September date as all signs are pointing, the heavyweights could be looking at a possible showdown in November or December. It seems at this point it’s up to the UFC and Brock Lesnar as to when the fight will take place.

Velasquez remains on stand-by, waiting to pull the trigger.