Cain Velasquez Focused on Regaining UFC Title Following Kickboxer Movie Role

August 29, 2016

After missing a year with injury issues, former UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez is having a great second half of 2016.

In July, Velasquez picked up his first victory in nearly three years when he scored a first-round TKO over Travis Browne at UFC 200. And in September, Velasquez is one of numerous former UFC titleholders who will be appearing in the upcoming Kickboxer: Vengeance reboot.

Speaking to during press for Kickboxer, Velasquez talked about the difference between fighting in the UFC and fighting in a movie, his comeback win over Browne, and his plans for regaining his lost title.

TRENDING > UFC Fight Night 93 Free Fight: Watch Josh Barnett KO Frank Mir Firstly, Cain, how did you get involved with Kickboxer: Vengeance?

Cain Velasquez: They called my manager up and asked if I would be part of the movie, be part of the fight scenes. As soon as I got to the set, it was cool. It was in Thailand, in a tiny little bar, and the scene was me fighting against the main character (of Kurt Sloane, played by) Alain Moussi. Just driving him through tables, up against the wall, it was just a great experience overall. How did fighting for the movie differ from what you do in the UFC octagon?

CainVelasquezDSC_6388UFN14 750x370Cain Velasquez: It’s cool, but it’s pretty different, definitely. I was still doing what I would do for fighting, but it’s more so making it look real. It was cool going through and getting to choreograph stuff. You have to have the right techniques so it looks good on camera.

In real life, in our sport, we’re taught to be very technical, have good technique, keep things kind of close to your body and not show your opponent what you’re doing. That’s the opposite of how you’re fighting for movies. So do you think we’ll be seeing you in more movies going forward?

Cain Velasquez: You know what? If these opportunities keep coming and I’m able to do them, why not? I’m going to put as much emphasis as far as training and getting ready for this just like I did my fights, so yeah, we’ll see (what opportunities come my way). Let’s talk MMA now. How did it feel to come back after all your injuries of late and get a win over Travis Browne at UFC 200?

Cain Velasquez: Travis Browne is a big guy, he hits hard, so going in I wanted to get him on the ground and finish him as soon as possible. Just keep the pressure on him, my way of fighting, and things worked out well for me. I’m happy about that.

Going in, to not be injured, that makes your performance way different. It makes you better when you go out there and have that confidence that there’s nothing holding you back, that all you have to do is fight this fight and that’s it. It felt good going in. I felt like the fight went well, so I’m happy. Is the goal now to focus on regaining the UFC heavyweight championship?

Cain Velasquez: That’s the plan. We’ll see what happens in September with Stipe (Miocic) fighting (Alistair) Overeem, and (Fabricio) Werdum fighting Travis Browne again. We’ll see what happens with those fights. Thanks for taking time out for us, Cain. Is there anything you want to say in closing?

Cain Velasquez: I hope everyone likes the movie. There are a lot of great fighters in there. Jean-Claude Van Damme is back in there. Alain Moussi is the main character in it. Georges St. Pierre is in it, Gina Carano is in it, Fabricio Werdum is in it. And you can see me in there too. It looks like a great movie, definitely.

Kickboxer: Vengeance Movie Trailer

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