CageSport Champ Drew Brokenshire Trekking to Russia to Bust Down Some MMA Doors

August 8, 2014

Drew BrokenshireAfter finding great success at his normal weight of 145 pounds, CageSport champion Drew “Eternal Fire” Brokenshire has stepped up in weight and has continued his winning ways in 2014.

In May, Brokenshire stepped up to face then-undefeated prospect Justin Harrington and with a victory raised his current winning streak to six.

“I was going up in weight to 155, so it was a tough challenge,” said Brokenshire.

“Justin actually put one of my lower teeth through my lip. It was the most damage I’ve taken in a while. He took me down a lot in the first round, but I was able to get it to the ground in the second round and choke him out.”

Brokenshire will once again step up to 155 pounds to take on Bellator vet Alexander “Tiger” Sarnavskiy for S-70 Fights in Sochi, Russia, on Saturday.

To prepare for the fight, not only is Brokenshire going about his regular training preparations, but he also has to make adjustments that might not initially come to mind when taking such a big fight.

“The fight is going to be in Sochi, Russia, which is 11 hours ahead of where I live in Washington State, so I’m changing my sleeping schedule so I’m acclimated when I go over there,” said Brokenshire.

“Basically I’m going to sleep from 2 p.m. to 10 p.m., which is 1 a.m. to 9 a.m. in Russia. That’s just to get my body to where it’s not going to be a big shock to my body and be able to function in the daytime.”

When it comes to facing Sarnavskiy, Brokenshire knows he’s in for a tough match wherever the fight goes, but ultimately he feels his size disadvantage could turn out to become an advantage.

“He’s a good striker who is also good on the ground, so he’s very well-rounded,” said Brokenshire of Sarnavskiy. “Obviously he’s experienced, so I’m just really excited for the challenge.

“I’ll study the tape on him and put together a good game plan, but (otherwise) I feel I can use my cardio and speed being the smaller guy to definitely try to defeat him.”

Having made a name for himself on the Northwest fight circuit, Brokenshire told that he sees his fight with Sarnavskiy as an opportunity to become a more recognizable prospect for international promotions going forward.

“Hopefully with this win, it will open doors for me,” said Brokenshire. “Only time will tell as far as that goes.

“I haven’t really thought about things beyond this fight, but I do have to get past him before those doors open, and he’s the kind of opponent that could open those doors for me. It’s a big opportunity and I’ll be going through a lot of adversity to hopefully defeat him.”

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