CageSport Champ Drew Brokenshire Stepping Up a Class to Challenge for Lightweight Belt

Drew BrokenshireIt would be hard for CageSport featherweight champion Drew “Eternal Fire” Brokenshire to follow up 2013, having won all three of his bouts and successfully defended his title, but he took the first step towards doing so this past February when he once again proved himself a champion by defeating Talon Hofman and keeping hold of his belt.

“Talon was a strong wrestler and I was able to fend off his takedowns pretty well – which is the main thing I’ve been working on since my Lee Morrison fight,” said Brokenshire. “I feel like I’ve made some good progress there and I feel I showed some good grappling and stuff like that.”

The win over Hofman keeps Brokenshire undefeated over the last year and a half and has him feeling on the cusp of something special.

“I’m on a five-fight winning streak right now and I’m feeling good not only about the wins but how my technique has grown,” said Brokenshire. “I think that all the preparation that I’ve done has taken me to another level and I’m on the brink of doing some great things.”

One of the reasons Brokenshire could be close to making a big move comes from the fact that he’s currently a standout amongst one of the best crop of up and coming talent in the Northwest. It’s a list of fighters that also includes his next opponent.

“I think the Northwest has a great group of fighters and Justin Harrington is one of them,” said Brokenshire. “We actually went pro on the same night and we’ve been fighting on the same shows since. It’s cool to fight somebody I’ve been watching for a long time.

“Definitely there’s ton of talent here at this time and I feel Justin and I are the top of the heap right now.”

This Saturday in Tacoma, Wash., Brokenshire (9-1) will be stepping up in weight class to take on Harrington (6-0) for his CageSport lightweight title in a bout that could very well contend for Fight of the Year.

“I’m smaller and Justin will probably be stronger and a little more athletic, but I think I should have a little bit of a speed advantage,” said Brokenshire. “I have more experience – he hasn’t had as many fights as me or been past three rounds as a professional – I have and I think those things will come into play.

“Technically I think I’m one of the best, but only time will tell and we’ll see on Saturday night how good my technique really is.”

With as far as he’s come already in his young career, Brokenshire could very well be on the cusp of making his next step forward, but as he told, he’ll make that move when he feels it’s the right one.

“I definitely think I’ll be making some steps this year,” he said. “Whether or not it’s to the UFC or something like that, only time will tell.

“This performance and how I do against Justin will be really telling as to where I stand and where I’m going to be headed. I’m not going to rush to a promotion if I don’t think my technique is good enough to make a run at a world title.”

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