Press Release

MAX Entertainment (OTCBB: MXEH) presents Cage Wars. Event will be available for the first time on live web PPV. Scotland the Brave will be held in the Brae Head Arena in Glasgow on Saturday August 4th 2007. The fight card features some of Europes bet up and coming fighters including Augusto Frota and Tomi Ninimkai, along with top talent from the UK in Paul Mc Veigh and Chris Stringer. Much of Europe is represented in this fantastic international card, with competitors from Holland, Switzerland, Romania, Italy, Spain, Finland, The UK and Ireland.

The event can be watched at http://www.mmawl.com/payperview.asp the show starting at 7 pm GMT.

Ex world featherweight boxing champion Dave “Boy”Mc Aulley will be commentating on the event.

Cage Wars which is part of the G4 Productions group was the first cage event ever to be held in the UK in 2001. Live webcast are the next step for the show and this will be the format for each event over the next two years.

Links available at www.cagewars.co.uk

Fight Card as of 26/07/07

Thomas Karlson vs Ruben Vazquez

Tomi Ninimaki vs Bogdan Christea

Augusto Frota vs Casimir Bendy

Chris stringer vs Marc Duncan

Daniel Abrol vs Moen Takalou

Paul Mc Veigh vs Christian Brinder

Lee Mc Kibben vs Marcelo Lopez

Andy Hillhouse vs Luis Wagner

Kevin Karney vs Michael Angelista

Roemer Trompert vs Martin Begley

Ciaran Kelly vs Jamie Mc Kenzie

Danny Donnely vs Ali Mc Lean

Dean Caldwell vs Anthony Mc Ilroy

Gareth Hinds vs John Smith

Simon Flemming vs Jordan Smith

* card subject to change at anytime without prior notice