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Warriors Enter The Rough House 2, was the last stop for Dan Hardy before
heading over to Japan in 5 weeks time to fight Daizo Ishige on the GCM Cage
Force card. Having had a full 5 months since his last fight, you could clearly
see the cobwebs being dusted off as his timing didn’t appear to be as sharp as
usual. Nevertheless, Hardy was the main aggressor in the bout and almost had
the tap in the opening seconds of the round courtesy of a tight guillotine.


Ni was never
going to be a major danger to the champion standing as his striking abilities
didn’t appear to gel well at all and as it transpired, his only offense was an
Achilles Crush attempt midway through the first. It was only 58 seconds into
the second round when Ni succumbed to the Rear Naked Choke submission, leaving
Hardy’s path to Japan all clear.


favorite Andre Winner left the Harvey Hadden Sports Centre wondering what went
wrong in his game-plan having been put to sleep remarkably quickly by the experienced
Greg Loughran in the second round. Both fighters appeared to be content
fighting in the clinch for the majority of the bout, but with neither fighter
really landing any damaging blows. It was quite a shock to see how quickly
Winner’s lights went out from the submission, but I am sure he will be working
on sub-defense a lot more come his next engagement.


Wallhead made short work of his opponent by way of vicious elbow strikes at the
1:40 mark having already softened him up with body/head elbow combinations
following the takedown. Wallhead appeared to be very calm and predetermined in
the bout. His superior wrestling abilities controlled the movement on the
ground and he found himself in a good place to wind up and unleash pain, no
hesitation or stalling, straight in with the action.


Smith and Jay Kieron score honors for fight of the night by taking it to each
other at full, brutal force right up to the stoppage. These guys literally
threw everything in the cage: strikes, knees, kicks and, in Kieron’s case, 3
separate impact tests on his opponents groin guard. Credit to Smith for
continuing the bout after each brief moment of recuperation, but I am pretty
sure that despite the pain, his win is sweeter than even he expected it would
be. He finished his opponent with some of the most vicious side hammerfists I
have seen at this level of competition in the UK.


I have to
say that Smith really showed the importance of the jab, repeatedly landing
stiff shots and keeping his opponent at bay. The third round in particular saw
him pre-empting Kierons strikes and throwing the jab straight down the middle
– often overlooked and very effective.


Tetley went to war with Christian Binda, overwhelming the Italian with ground
and pound for the win, but not before these two decided to throw leg kicks at
each other for the better part of the first round.


Livingstone took Eduardo Mahal to decision scoring a hard earned win on his Pro
debut – good solid experience for Livingstone who looked more comfortable
on his feet, but was able to apply pressure on the ground when required.


Podolski also won his ‘B’ Class pro-debut against Rocci Williams in a fight
that really highlighted the latter’s need to work on cardio. He was really
flagging in the second round with his hands low, tentative and unable to hold
any kind of offense. In turn, his counters weren’t finding the mark either.


Junior looked pretty swift for a heavyweight starting out. He landed the
cleaner kicks on his opponent and scored a ground and pound victory with
conviction. His speed belies his bulk and although he came in looking soft, he
genuinely looked as though he could have gone the full three rounds.


Ammoussou made short work of Mark O’Toole with a Rear Naked Choke submission in
the first. He looked mean, pumped and ready to go, but his strikes were sloppy
and overzealous. Once the fight hit the ground he was fine, sweeping his
opponent, setting up an arm-triangle and deftly taking his opponent’s back for
the choke when it presented itself. He won’t be able to start all matches with
his unfocussed wild flurry though and it is something he clearly needs to work


Tanner secured an early takedown on Chris Cooper and used his weight
effectively to smother his opponent on the bottom. Cooper remained composed and
fought back to his feet, the round ended pretty tight on the scorecards. But
that was a moot point at the 0:59 mark of the second where a big hook found
Tanner’s chin, dropping him into the cage. Not one to admire his handiwork,
Cooper started to pound down hard and fast forcing the referee to stop bout.


In summary,
this event was a good indicator of up and coming talent in the roughhouse
stable and I look forward to Cage Warriors putting on one of their main show
cards soon. There is plenty of talent available outside London and it’s a
welcome opportunity to see guys coming into the sport and throwing down hard.


Class Pro Bouts

Podolski def Rocci Williams via Decision

Junior def Rob Askew via GNP 2:29 R1


Class Pro Bouts

Tetley def Christian Binda via GNP 0:57 R2

Loughran def Andre Winner via Guillotine Choke 3:52 R2

Livingstone def Eduardo Mahal via Unanimous Decision

Wallhead def Lewis Barrow via GNP 1:40 R1

Smith def Jay Kieron via Submission (strikes) 3:53 R3

Ammoussou def Mark O’Toole via Rear Naked Choke R1

Cooper def Dylan Tanner via GNP 0:59 R2

Buck def David Cieplinski via GNP 0:18 R1

Hardy def Willy Ni via Rear Naked Choke 0:32 R2