By Lee Whitehead
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Here is the fight-by-fight breakdown of all the action:

Antonio “Pezão” Silva Junior (4-0-0) defeats Ruben “Warpath” Villarreal (9-7-1) by referee stoppage at 3:07 of the first round.

Silva comes into this fight weighing an enormous 306lbs compared to Villarreal at 268lbs. The round starts with both fighters feeling each other out. Silva engages first with a good combination and Villarreal counters with a sharp outside kick to the leg. They exchange again with Silva again landing some crisp shots and moving to the clinch where he uses a massive weight differential to bring his opponent to the ground. Silva begins to find his pace after securing side control and is unleashing a barrage of unanswered blows to Villarreal.

It is becoming apparent that Villarreal has no answer to the blows and cannot deal with the weight differential. Silva is sensing the end and following a transition to the knee on stomach position he starts to pick shots on Villarreal. The referee stops the fight at the 3:07 mark of the first round with Villarreal unable to intelligently defend himself. A very dominant display by a monster of a man who secures the CWFC Super Heavyweight championship in only his fourth professional MMA bout

Jeff “The Snowman” Monson (19-5-0) breezes through Emmanuel Marc (3-4-0) at 0:57 of the first round by Rear Naked Choke to retain his CWFC Heavyweight Title

The fight starts with Emmanuel Marc looking to trade but within seconds of throwing a jab Monson has shot in for the takedown, flattened his opponent and taken his back. Monson proceeds to secure the hooks whilst looking for the rear naked choke. Marc desperately tries to shake Monson off by rolling but fails. The fight is stopped at 0:57 into the first round with Marc lying unconscious on the floor.

Michael “The Count” Bisping (10-0-0) defeats Ross “The Gladiator” Pointon (4-6-0) by armbar at 2:00 of the first round

The round starts with Bisping coming out chopping at Pointon’s left leg, Pointon returns the kick but Bisping checks, Pointon rushes Bisping to the cage and secures the takedown. Bisping is working a high guard and is very active with strikes from his back; he pulls his legs out of guard and back up to his feet. They circle briefly then Bisping engages with a vicious high kick followed by an excellent combo and another high kick on the exit. Pointon needs to get out of the stand-up and shoots on Bisping but is stuffed with an excellent sprawl. Bisping is turned off the sprawl and pulls guard. Pointon starts setting up strikes but Bisping shrimps and turns to apply the armbar, Pointon rolls to defend but it’s too late. Bisping wins at the 2:00 mark for the first round to retain his CWFC Light-Heavyweight Title.

Martin “Hitman” Kampmann (11-2-1) defeats Damien Riccio (8-11-0-1NC) by Rear Naked Choke 1:58 into the second round

Kampmann opens the round with a fast combo connecting with Riccio, Kampmann lands the leg kick and drives to the cage, Riccio has underhooks the work the clinch briefly with both fighters landing knees to the legs. Kampmann breaks the clinch and circles, Kampmann steps in with a massive right cross to drop Riccio to the canvas, Riccio composes himself to pull guard but Kampmann passes to half guard.

Riccio is bleeding heavily from the nose, Riccio works to Butterfly and tries to sweep but Kampmann passes again to side landing some good rib shots. Riccio turns and takes Kampmann’s back looking for the Rear Naked Choke, unsuccessful in securing the choke, Riccio steps out and back to the feet. They exchange again and clinch with Kampmann driving Riccio to the cage where they both work the knees until the end of the round.

Round two opens with both fighters exchanging high kicks but neither really connecting. It is apparent that Riccio is having difficulty finding his range against the taller Kampmann. They exchange again and Kampmann rushes Riccio to clinch against the cage. Riccio is dropped with a vicious knee to the head and manages to pull guard when he falls. Kampmann transitions to mount and is looking to set up shots. Riccio turns to give his back at which point Kampmann applies the rear naked choke at 1:58 of the second round

Dan “The Outlaw” Hardy (10-4-0) defeats Matt “12 Gauge” Thorpe (5-4-0) by majority decision to become the new CWFC Welterweight Champion

In what has to be the match of the night, Hardy and Thorpe fought to within an inch of their abilities to crown a new Welterweight champion. From the opening bell it was apparent that these two meant business, Hardy scores with a kick, Thorpe counters with a flurry, Hardy pulls him down forcing Thorpe to pull guard, Thorpe immediately starts moving up the body to setup a submission. Hardy is unloading forearms prompting his opponent to go for the armbar, Hardy defends and starts firing off rib shots.

Uncomfortable at being hit continually in the ribs Thorpe explodes from the bottom catching Hardy in a triangle, Hardy resists but Thorpe transitions to Omo Plata, Hardy withdraws and is up on his feet. A couple of leg kicks precede Hardy diving into Thorpe’s guard, Thorpe is working for the Kimura but is unsuccessful. Hardy pulls away from the Kimura getting back to his feet, Thorpe follows him up. They clinch with Hardy tripping Thorpe but coming down defending the guillotine. The bell stops an action packed first round showcasing the ground game of Thorpe, a fighter primarily viewed as a striker.

Hardy commences round two with a sharp combo and a solid kick to the mid-section of Thorpe, Thorpe responds by taking Hardy to the ground pulling guard, Hardy is landing hammerfists, Thorpe tries for Triangle, then the Armbar each time being thwarted by Hardy who responds by battering his opponent with forearms to swelling mid-section of Thorpe. Hardy continues his attack up until the bell.

Round three and both fighters are exchanging kicks, Hardy drops Thorpe with good combo who responds by pulling guard again, Thorpe is very active from the bottom displaying excellent shrimping and trying to set up the Armbar. Unsuccessful in his attempt he pulls back to the rubber guard with Hardy landing body blows.
Fourth round and scoring is slightly in favour of Hardy – though many would disagree due to offensive guard of Thorpe. Hardy lands an inside kick, Thorpe counters with big hook that misses, Hardy rushes Thorpe who pulls him down with a Guillotine attempt, Hardy is out and landing strikes to the mid-section once again, Hardy moves Thorpe and stacks him into the cage – he is now delivering forearms in a style reminiscent of Ortiz. Thorpe tries to turn into an Armbar but is deflected. Thorpe is now bleeding heavily from his eyebrow and ear. Hardy continues to smash Thorpe with forearms until the end of the round.

The last round starts with Hardy looking the fresher of the two and much lighter on his feet, they engage again and move into the clinch against the cage, Thorpe throws hardy down with an underhook body turn and moves into the mount, he tries to set up strikes but doesn’t really connect well, sensing this Thorpe goes for the Armbar, Hardy turns but Thorpe follows, Hardy is squirming to defend and manages to pull out ends up back in the guard of Thorpe. Hardy’s arm is going to hurt for a long time after the fight! Thorpe is holding guard for position prompting the referee to break the action for a re-start. They engage and fall back to position again just before the end of the round.

So it ends with a new CWFC Welterweight Champion in Dan Hardy by majority decision but both fighters are clearly stars and a rematch looks to be a lock for the future!

Alexandre “Xandinho” Izidro (4-4-0) decisions Thomas Hytten (14-4-1) to retain his CWFC Lightweight Title

Both fighters start round one tentatively trying to find each others range, Izidro scores a sharp kick to the leg but Hytten steps into the pocket with a series of body blows that drop Izidro to the canvas, he recovers well and manages to get back to the clinch up against the cage, both fighters are throwing knees to the body at this point Izidro pushes Hytten off the cage and follows with slick inside trip bringing the fight to the ground. Hytten pulls guard but Izidro transitions into a toehold, the toehold isn’t locked on quite right and Hytten manages to manouvoer himself in order rain down a series of thunderous shots to the liver of Izidro.

After taking a battering on his ribs and liver Izidro realises that the toehold isn’t going to work, gives up position to try to protect his ribs but is pushed over onto his back with Hytten in his guard. Hytten is unloading a vicious forearm smashes to Izidro’s face causing many to wonder if the fight will be stopped, Izidro manages to stay composed and moves into the butterfly guard attempting to sweep. There was no doubt that Hytten won the first round when Izidro staggered back to his corner almost falling over into the cage.

Round two starts with both fighters looking relaxed, Izidro has managed to compose himself again is on the move circling the ring, Hytten is proving very efficient at cutting the ring off to Izidro, Izidro fires a fast kick that catches Hytten in the cup – unintentional for sure and Hytten seemed to laugh it off quickly. They circle again then Izidro shoots perfectly for a single leg taking Hytten up and slamming down into the canvas, Hytten transitions to guard, pulls his legs out and manages to work his way back to the feet. Hytten charges Izidrothen drops him again with a wicked combo, this time Izidro transitions to a kneebar with Hytten only just managing to escape, The round ends with Hytten applying forearm smashes from side control.

Round three, Izidro is circling again trying to avoid the ring being cut off, attempts a rather flash spinning back-kick but slips on to the canvas, Hytten jumps into his guard but with neither fighter making any progress the referee stands them back up. Hytten pushes Izidro back to the clinch and tries to pull a single leg, they go down with Izidro pulling guard on Hytten and punching fairly well from his back.

Round four, Izidro starts the round throwing snappy leg kicks that score, shoots for a single and ends in guard, Izidro is now landing solid shots to the body of Hytten, it appears as though there has been a change of strategy for Izidro and he is focussing more in g’n’p.

The last round starts with Izidro shooting in and securing the takedown on Hytten, and continuing the g’n’p from where he left off in the previous round. Hytten as a cut on his elbow, possibly from the cage when he came down, Hytten is attempting to defend but it appears as though he is running out of gas, Izidro ends the round with strikes in the guard.

The majority decision goes to Izidro who retains his CWFC Lightweight Title

Danny Batten 8-6-2 retains his CWFC Featherweight Title when Augusto Frota 5-2-0 is unable to answer the bell for the fourth round

Round one starts with Batten keeping the distance and landing solid Thai kicks to Frota, Frota responds by securing the takedown from the clinch into Batten’s guard, Frota proceeds to pressurise Batten with a ground n’ pound attack, Batten looks to scoot out but in attempting to do so ends up in a guillotine attempt by Frota, Batten works to defend the choke and pulls back to guard, Frota backs out of Battens guard to his feet and starts to work some kicks to Batten’s legs, The action continues to the end of the round with Frota up / Batten down with Frota stepping in to land some good strikes to the body.

The second round starts with Batten displaying a series of devastating kicks both inside and outside of Frota’s left leg. Frota is beginning to swell badly and is looking tired. Frota rushes to clinch but Batten secures the takedown with an inside trip, Frota is working the butterfly guard but unable to turn Batten, Batten steps out of guard and back to his feet, Batten keeps chopping away at Frota’s left leg until the end of the round.

Round three starts with Batten landing a series of hard kicks to Frota’s left leg, Batten steps in with strikes and opens an inch long cut over Frota’s right eyebrow with a vicious elbow. The cut is bleeding profusely and the referee stops the action to check the cut.

The fight restarts with Batten circling well and cutting off the angles, Frota is flatfooted due to the crimson swelling on his left leg. Frota rushes Batten to the cage and jumps on Batten for a standing guillotine, Batten drops down into Frota’s guard and pulls out of the choke. Batten is targeting the cut with short sharp elbows in the guard, the cut is bleeding heavily again and really ought to be checked again. The referee breaks the action to stand them up, Frota is looking exhausted and mentally broken at this point, Batten is looking fresh and is picking clean shots up until the end of the round.

Round four never starts with Frota unable to answer the bell – Batten retains his CWFC Featherweight Title.

Martin Wojcik defeats Christian Smith (2-1-0) on his pro debut by referee stoppage due to Ground and Pound at 2:52 of the first round

Both fighers come out throwing bombs with something to prove, neither really connecting at first but rushing into the cage, they clinch but momentum prevails with both fighters falling down, Smith on the bottom. Wojcik begins to pound on Smith landing some good shots, Smith is squirming around to avoid but ends up being pushed further into the cage. Wojcik is beginning to sense the finish is near and unleashes a barrage of strikes opening a big cut with a lot of blood and forcing the referee to stop the fight 2:52 into the first round.

Paul McVeigh (5-3-0) defeats Phil “Billy” Harris (9-5-0) by triangle choke at 1:05 of the third round to retain his CWFC Bantamweight Title

Harris comes out tentatively in the first unsure if he wants to engage in the stand-up but manages to score a few good strikes to the legs of McVeigh, They clinch and McVeigh starts to tee off on Harris with the knees, they come to the ground with Harris working to secure a guillotine choke. McVeigh is composed and able to defend well, getting out of the choke and back to the guard, from here McVeigh is building momentum with the strikes whilst managing to control the ground movements of Harris well.

Round two starts with Harris again being tentative in the stand-up, McVeigh senses this and comes in hard with a good combo, Harris engages to secure underhooks, turns and executes a beautiful Judo throw to put McVeigh on his side, Harris quickly tries to follow up but McVeigh is too composed, pulling back to guard, Harris passes to side control and is forking for a scarf-hold. In rather bizarre fashion it is at this point that the cage door falls off resulting in a stop in the action to re-attach!

When the action resumes in the same position, McVeigh manages to move and pull back to guard. McVeigh is beginning to deliver strikes in the guard but also appears to be setting up the armbar. The round ends.

Third round starts with McVeigh coming out hard and fast, Harris shoots for a single and falls into McVeigh’s guard, McVeigh is moving his guard up Harris’ body while landing forearm smashes, it all ends at the 1:05 mark by Triangle choke from the defending champion.

Rosi Sexton (5-0-0) defends her title CWFC Women’s Under 60kg Title against Dina Van Den Hooven (2-1-0). Dina was unable to continue at the end of round three.

The fight starts with Hooven throwing some huge combos, they clinch with Sexton working hard for the single leg takedown, the fighters fall to the canvas following an inside trip from Sexton with Hooven applying a tight guillotine. They scramble back to their feet in the clinch where both fighters exchange knees. Hooven drops to a Sexton knee and pulls butterfly guard, Sexton is working the ribs with good clean shots and passes guard to side control. The fight continues on the ground with both fighters exchanging blows up until the bell.

Round two and Hooven is swinging hard, they clinch and exchange knees, Sexton brings the fight to the ground and starts working for the armbar. Hooven is defending the armbar and manages to escape pulling back to guard. Sexton is landing shots to the ribs; Sexton clearly has the edge in grappling ability and is able to control positioning well whilst landing clean shots the ribs. Sexton rises to her feet to break guard and finds herself being rolled into a kneebar attempt by Hooven. Sexton defends and works back to the guard. Hooven is landing shots from the guard; Sexton looks to be setting up for the armbar. The round ends with Hooven frantically defending the armbar attempt.

Round three and Sexton is looking the fresher of the two opponents, She swings for Hooven who ducks and drives to the cage, Hooven is working for the takedown while Sexton is throwing knees. Sexton is down and pulls Hooven into her guard, Sexton staying busy and trying to set up the armbar again, Hooven defending the armbar attempt by rolling but Sexton persists, Hooven is expending a lot of energy defending but appears to be safe at the moment. Sexton gives up on the armbar and transitions back to guard. Hooven is essentially holding Sexton down now and is exhausted, Sexton landing strikes from her back up until the end of the round.

Hooven is unable to come out for round four and therefore Rosi Sexton retains her CWFC Women’s under 60kg Title.