by Lee Whitehead – MMAWeekly.com
Times have been harsh for Cage Warriors of late with the arrests of Dougie Truman and Andy Lillis for separate offenses, but the promotion vows to soldier on, weather the storm and to focus on its upcoming Enter the Roughhouse 3 show in Nottingham, slated for the 21st of July.

Dougie Truman was arrested on March 29th for alleged involvement with a drug offender and is currently being held at HM Prison in Winchester, an adult male, category B community prison, charged with perverting the course of justice and other related offenses. Andy Lillis has also been arrested, but not in connection with the same incident. It is believed that he is being held due to an infringement of terms relating to a previous offense.

The impact of Truman and Lillis being detained is two-fold, from the Cage Warriors perspective. The day to day running appears to have fallen on the shoulders of Ian Dean, Marketing Manager and Matchmaker for the promotion. But from the Warrior Promotions side, things are less clear with regards to long term contract management. They can count Ross Pointon, Ian Butlin, Dan Hardy and Jim Wallhead amongst their roster, but long-term management prospects are up in the air.

Rumors are always rife amongst the UK MMA community and Cage Warriors usually attract the majority of the attention. Times haven’t changed and although the future remains uncertain, Ian Dean has confirmed that Cage Warriors is not currently being sold, or at least, if it is, then no one has informed him… in any case, his sights are focused on matchmaking for the July show to continue to build on the success of the Rough House 2 show last month. He is optimistic for the remainder of the year and is hoping to run two additional shows before 2007 closes.