by Lee Whitehead – MMAWeekly.com



Dan Hardy showed once again that he is on the verge of being a world class fighter with his solid win over the durable Chaf Reiner. After getting an impressive takedown from the start, Reiner proceeded to apply his wrestling game on the Briton. However, the pace was draining on the American and at the end of the second round, he started to leave exploitable holes in his game. Not content with recording a decision, Hardy did his utmost to stop the American inside the distance and landed a beautifully crisp combo with a well placed hook that knocked his opponent down. By way of exclamation mark, he wasted no time in following up with strikes to force the stoppage at 2:10 into round 3 via GNP.

The ever popular Ian "M16" Butlin didn’t quite get the result he wanted upon his return to the cage after a lengthy layoff. His opponent Cengiz Dana worked himself into an inverted heelhook after the takedown to force the tap a mere 26 seconds from the bell. It all happened so fast leaving a brutally evident look of disapointment on the face of Butlin.

French submission specialist Bendy Casimir forced opponent Andre Winner to fight the way he wanted. Casimar continually took Winner down, forcing him to be defensive off his back. The fluidity of his takedowns was hugely impressive and continues to underline the pure talent pool in France at the moment. After two rounds, Winner knew he had to go for the KO in order to try and salvage the bout, unfortunately it was a case of time running out and despite his lightning handspeed Winner went home with a loss.

Matt Thorpe was angry and it showed with his dominating performance over Mark O’Toole. Thorpe is at the top of the U.K. talent pool, but for one reason or another he just can’t get the break he needs to show his skills. After a brief flirtation with Bodog which didn’t open up the doors for him and a couple of unfortunate results in recent bouts, it has been frustrating for Thorpe. O’Toole is a gamer but after a quick exchange and being planted on his back, Thorpe positioned himself for the kimura as he tried as best as he could to pull the appendage of his opponent- 1:39 into the first round and O’Toole goes home with a very painful shoulder.

Martin Stapleton applied a suffocating game plan on David Johnson to record the unanimous decision. Johnson never seemed to find his openings in the fight as everytime he looked for distance to setup his strikes, Stapleton worked for the takedown. Johnson came into this as a short notice replacement, and it was telling in his cardio, but there were no gifts in this fight and Stapleton had to work for the spoils.

"Judo" Jim Wallhead has every right to change his nickname following his ultraslick boxing skills in the bout against tough late replacement, Tom Haddock. The contrasting striking styles really highlighted how much Wallhead has evolved as he bobbed, weaved and picked shots for the duration of the bout. A couple of times the fight hit the floor, but he seemed content to let his opponent rise and back into the pocket. Haddock may have faired better in the bout had he strung together some combos, but as it stood his 1-2 approach created openings- one of which let through a tight hook to put him down. Wallhead wasted to time and unleashed a battery of strikes before the bout was called at 3:49 into the second round.

Rising rough house sensation Dean Amasinger got the kimura he was looking for at the second attempt… at 4:19 into the first round. From the bell there were no strikes as he went straight for the double leg on adversary Jason Muldoon.

Total Dojo fighter Cliff Hall made short work of experienced veteran Nigel Whitear by way of guillotine choke at 0:32 of the first round. Hall didn’t even break a sweat in the bout and both fighters left the cage as though nothing happened, without a single strike being thrown!

Roughhouse BJJ instructor Lee Livingstone didn’t need to prove his ground skills, but that’s exactly what he did with a quick rear naked choke win over pro rules debutant Adam Barstow just under a minute into the first round. Barstow looked completely outclassed and really had no choice in the flow of the bout.

In other action, impressive team supreme up-n-comer Eugene Fadiora slapped on a rear naked choke so tight that it looked like opponent Dave Bownds eyes were going to pop out. Also, Pete McGurk continued his display of sick boxing skills with a devastating KO over Richard Whitmore. And opening the evening, Bloodline fighter Sean Folan got his Cage Warriors wings with a kimura victory over Brent Crawley.

Full Results:
Dan Hardy def Chad Reiner via TKO 2:10 R1
Cengiz Dana def Ian Butlin via Inverted Heel Hook 0:25 R1
Bendy Casimir def Andre Winner via decision 5:00 R3
Matt Thorpe def Mark O’Toole via Kimura 1:39 R1
Martin Stapleton def David Johnson via decision 5:00 R3
Jim Wallhead def Tom Haddock via GNP 3:49 R2
Dean Amasinger def Jason Muldoon via Kimura R1
Cliff Hall def Nigel Whitear via guillotine 0:32 R1
Lee Livingstone def Adam Barstow via RNC 0:56 R1
Eugene Fadiora def Dave Bownds via RNC 2:39 R1
Pete McGurk def Richard Whitmore via KO 1:43 R1
Sean Folan def Brent Crawley via Kimura 2:52 R2

Cage Kickboxing:
Lola Bamgbala def Kristoff Woodgoise via decision 5:00 R3