by Lee Whitehead – MMAWeekly.com
The Coventry based Cage Warriors organization has serious plans for 2006 with franchise promotions running all over the UK. Cage Warriors Chairman Dougie Truman has taken a grass-roots approach to getting the UK MMA Scene noticed by setting up regional based promotions that feature amateur and up and coming professional fighters with a view to graduating up to the Premiere show in the Strike Force promotion.

Things start on the 5th of February with the Wolfslair Gym promoting the Liverpool show, from there the shows will cover Sheffield, Portsmouth and Coventry with a total of 14 Shows in 2006. 2007 will expand on this level of coverage with events coming on-stream in Bristol, Nottingham and Cardiff. Truman is adopting a mobilise not monopolise approach and is working for the benefit of the scene as a whole.

The Cage Warriors promotion has big plans for the future including a California Based promotion that is currently in the works. A launch date is still to be confirmed – everything is currently at the logistical stage; ie; venue location and the building of the bespoke Cage Warriors cage. Truman is looking to provide a non-political road-trip to the US for UK based fighters and vice-versa. One thing is for sure; with more big names coming to the UK shores the promotion will thrive and the fans will be spoilt for choice!

2006 Cage Warriors Schedule


Sunday 5th February – Cagewarriors “The Wolfslair” (Liverpool)

Sunday 19th February – Cagewarriors Quest Volume 5 (Sheffield)

Saturday 25th March – Cagewarriors Strike Force 5 (Coventry)

Saturday 8th April – Cagewarriors Quest Volume 6 (Sheffield)

Saturday 29th April – CW Quest (South) Volume 1 (Portsmouth)

Saturday 27th May – CW Strike Force 6 (Coventry)

Saturday 17th June – CW Quest (South) Volume 2 (Portsmouth)

Saturday 15th July – CW Quest Volume 7 (Sheffield)

Saturday 2nd September – CW Quest (South) Volume 3 (Portsmouth)

Saturday Sept 16th – CW Quest Volume 8 (Sheffield)

Saturday Sept 30th – CW Strike Force 7 (Coventry)

Saturday Nov 19th – CW Quest Volume 9 (Sheffield)

Saturday Nov 25th – CW Strike Force 8 “Night of Champions” 2006 (Coventry)

Saturday 9th December – CW Quest (South) Volume 4 “Xmas Party” (Portsmouth)