Cage Rage 17 Weigh-Ins: Pe De Pano Pulls Out


Ian Freeman at Cage Rage 17

Ian Freeman at Cage Rage 17

The Cage Rage weigh-ins took place on Friday in the United Kingdom, and the day was not without its surprises.


Marcio “Pe de Pano” Cruz, who was scheduled to fight Gilbert Yvel in a fight that both men took on short notice, pulled out of the fight due to a bout with pneumonia, and fellow UFC veteran Fabiano Scherner stepped in to take Cruz’ place.

Scherner, whose last fight in the UFC was a TKO loss to Gabriel Gonzaga on May 27th, stepped up on extremely short notice and is scheduled to fight Gilbert Yvel tonight in Wembley Arena.

As you might expect, there is a bit of chaos taking place behind the scenes, so there is a chance that plans could change yet again between now and fight time, but the plan as of now is for Gilbert Yvel to face Fabiano Scherner.

Also at the weigh-ins, Melvin Manhoef and Ian “The Machine” Freeman both showed up in excellent shape for their main event bout.

The Manhoef vs. Freeman fight was actually contracted to be fought with a weight limit of 96 kilograms (211 pounds), but both fighters were well under that weight. Manhoef weighed in at 92 kilograms (203 pounds), while Freeman weighed in at 92.5 kilograms (204 pounds). Freeman reportedly lost over 25 pounds in preparation for this fight, which will be his first since 2004.

Elsewhere at the weigh-ins, Pride veteran Henry “Sentoryu” Miller looked to be in much better shape than is usually the case, as he weighed in at 114 kilograms (251 pounds). On the contrary, Gilbert Yvel’s weight has increased in recent months, as he weighed in at 107 kilograms (236 pounds).

Here are the full weigh-in results, listed in both kilograms and pounds:

-Melvin Manhoef (92 kilograms, or 203 pounds) vs. Ian Freeman (92.5 kilograms, or 204 pounds)

-James Thompson (128 kilograms, or 282 pounds) vs. Rob Broughton (To Be Confirmed)

-Gilbert Yvel (107 kilograms, or 236 pounds) vs. Fabiano Scherner (120 kilograms, or 265 pounds)

-Curtis Stout (83.9 kilograms, or 185 pounds) vs. Zelg Galesic (83.5 kilograms, or 184 pounds)

-Henry “Sentoryu” Miller (114 kilograms, or 251 pounds) vs. Robert Berry (112 kilograms, or 247 pounds)

-Mark Epstein (92 kilograms, or 203 pounds) vs. Dave Legeno (99 kilograms, or 218 pounds)

-Daijiro Matsui (83 kilograms, or 183 pounds) vs. Pierre Guillet (83.9 kilograms, or 185 pounds)

-Abdul Mohamed (73 kilograms, or 161 pounds) vs. Jean Silva (72.5 kilograms, or 160 pounds)

-Paul Daley (77.3 kilograms, or 170 pounds) vs. Ross Mason (77.3 kilograms, or 170 pounds)

-Phil Norman (76.5 kilograms, or 169 pounds) vs. David Bielkheden (77 kilograms, or 170 pounds)

-Mark Chen (65.8 kilograms, or 145 pounds) vs. Robbie Olivier (65.8 kilograms, or 145 pounds)

-Darren Guisha (77 kilograms, or 170 pounds) vs. Dean Bray (77 kilograms, or 170 pounds)