by Damon Martin – MMAWeekly.com
Cage Rage Preview: Curtis Stout

Is It Finally His Time To Shine?

By Damon Martin, MMAWeekly

Curtis Stout is a very seasoned veteran of mixed martial arts having performed in the UFC, Superbrawl, and TKO organizations, and has taken on some of the toughest opponents in the middleweight division. On December 3rd, Stout will take his shot at winning championship gold when he takes on arguably the best fighter in the 185lb weight class in Anderson Silva at Cage Rage 14: Punishment.

Fighting out of Kansas City, Stout is coming into this event on a 3 fight win streak, most recently defeating Chute Boxe member Nilson De Castro by KO at :15 seconds of the first round at Cage Rage 12.

A five year professional of mixed martial arts, Curtis Stout has fought some of the very best in his weight class, but unfortunately has come up short in a few of those bouts. Before winning three in a row, Stout was on the losing end of three in a row, starting with a submission loss to another veteran in Trevor Prangley at UFC 48 in 2004.

The fight with Prangley was Stout’s second appearance in the UFC, his first being a decision loss to perennial MMA badboy, Phil Baroni at UFC 30 in Stout’s third professional fight. After his showing in the UFC, Stout traveled north of the border to take a fight in the TKO organization against local hero and current UFC #1 middleweight contender, David “The Crow” Loiseau.

David Loiseau, who gained his most high profile win recently when he stopped Evan Tanner at Ultimate Fight Night live on national television, is a very dangerous striker who is known primarily for his almost lethal elbows. After three very solid rounds from both fighters the judges scored a unanimous decision win for Loiseau and it sent Stout home with his second loss in a row.

Never one to back down from a fight, Stout then traveled to fight in a Superbrawl event against current UFC middleweight champion, Rich Franklin, whose fight with Stout was the first time he ever cut weight to make it to 185lbs.

A very good first round saw Stout come out blazing against Franklin and it looked to be a great fight, but the second round brought the end of the night for Stout. Franklin, whose striking is almost unmatched in the middleweight division, was able to finish Stout by punches early in the second round, earning him his first victory since leaving the light heavyweight division, and again Stout had to learn from his mistakes and start back on the road to victory.

Taking a trip overseas to fight in Cage Rage seems to have been the spark that Stout needed to get back to his winning ways. In his first fight in the U.K., Stout dispatched of Sol Gilbert by KO early in the second round, and returned to fight another MMA veteran in Mark Weir at Cage Rage 11 earlier this year. This time Stout finished his opponent in the first round but again looked dominant on the feet, handing Weir a loss by KO.

Now Stout will make his 4th appearance for Cage Rage and he will take his shot at current champion Anderson Silva. Fighting a stand-up expert like Silva is no easy task, especially in a title fight, but Stout has the experience necessary to make this a very interesting bout.

Curtis Stout has a wealth of experience to draw from coming into this fight, and this may be his best shot to make a name for himself in this weight class. Recently, Cage Rage has been seen as a “feeder” organization for Pride, and Stout could really make himself a commodity with a win over a fighter like Anderson Silva. Very few people have been able to stand-up with Silva and walk out having withstood the onslaught, but Stout will be looking to do just that on December 3rd.