Press Release
British Heavyweight boxer Julius Francis is about to make his Cage Rage and Mixed Martial Arts debut against Cage Rage Heavyweight star Gary “Smiler” Turner.

This has been a rumour circling amongst journalists over the last couple of weeks and we are happy to confirm that on Thursday the 2nd of August, British Heavyweight boxer Julius Francis and his opponent Gary “Smiler” Turner will be officially signing the contracts during a public press conference to be held at 12pm in the World famous Peacocks gym, Caxton Street North, Canning Town, London.

Julius Francis will be making his Cage Rage debut on the 22nd of September 2007 at the Wembley Arena. Julius Francis can boast of winning four British Heavyweight title fights and five Commonwealth title fights, as well as two challenges for the European title and he has fought four former or future World champions, besides owning his very own much heraldedLonsdale belt. Now he is about to make the transition to one of the most technical combat sports in the World, but Francis will not be too fazed by this transition as he was a very successful kickboxer, before turning to boxing, Francis is currently working with Rob Sulski on his wrestling and Jujitsu, two very important tools that he will need inside the cage. Julius Francis will be up against a very formidable opponent in Gary “Smiler” Turner, just like Julius Francis, Gary Turner established himself an international name as a K-1 kickboxing star representing the UK all over the World. But don’t let that fool you, Gary has been studying and practicing martial arts for many years and is an excellent striker.

Cage Rage British and World Welterweight Title bout:

Mark “The Wizard” Weir Vs Paul “Semtex” Daley.

This fight has all the makings of being one of the best ever domestic match ups and with the World and British titles on the line both men will have a lot to gain from a victory, Mark Weir has decided to come down in weight to the welterweight division after spending a majority of his career at middleweight. Mark will be awesome at his new found weight as he is one of the fastest and most accurate strikers in the World, but you can be sure “Semtex” will be ready to explode. At the moment Paul Daley is almost unstoppable as he has worked his way through a number of World class opponents finishing his last three fights with clear stoppages. This will be one that no fan will want to miss.

Cage Rage British Middleweight Title bout:

Zelg “Benkei” Galesic Vs. Alex “Reidernater” Reid

One title two exceptional fighters, Alex Reid has been in the cage with some of the toughest fighters in the World including Dave Menne, Daijiro Matsui and Jorge Riveira to name but a few, Alex is a tough durable fighter with excellent striking and good submission skills and now he will get a shot at Current Cage Rage British middleweight champion Zelg Galesic. Zelg is an extremely well rounded fighter with extremely fast hands and worked his way to the title by destroying his opponents by submissions or strikes. This will be a World class fight for a domestic title.

Cage Rage World Light-Heavyweight Title bout:

Vitor “The Phenom” Belfort Vs James “The Messenger” Zikic

Vitor Belfort is a superb Brazilian fighter that can Box, Grapple, Wrestle and submit his opponents into defeat. Vitor has proven himself worthy of a title shot by destroying Cage Rage fighters, Anthony Rea and Ivan Serati, but now he faces his toughest test against Current World champion James Zikic, who is a clever durable fighter that has proven strategy works. This will be an interesting fight and a very evenly matched war.

Cage Rage British Heavyweight Title bout:

Mustapha Al-Turk Vs Tengiz Tedoradze

This will be a huge battle between two exceptionally well rounded heavyweight fighters. Mustapha Al-Turk earned his title shot destroying his opposition, including mixed martial arts legend, Mark Kerr. Mustapha is a huge heavy handed striker with the ability to ground and pound his opposition into submission, Tengiz is a fast thinking fighter with the ability to suplex or out wrestle his opponents, but in his last fight Tengiz also proved he can strike by strategically picking apart ex professional boxer Butterbean. This will be a battle of the heavyweights with neither giving an inch.

International Middleweight War:

Xavier “Professor X” Pokam Vs Pierre Guillet

This will be an awesome fight between two World class fighters, both men are excellent strikers with very good ground games. This will be an evenly matched bout that could possibly be fought out without going to the ground, both men are more than capable of finishing the fight at any moment, so don’t blink or you may just miss it.

British Light-Heavyweight War:

Ed “Smasher” Smith Vs Roman Webber

This will be a battle of strikers as both these men have proven from past experience that they like to swing for the fences, Ed Smith made his Wembley debut at Cage Rage 22 – Hard as Hell and had an absolute war with Cage Rage veteran Tom “Kong” Watson, only to lose by judges decision, which will give him the hunger for a victory. Roman Webber is a physically strong individual that likes to bang and you can expect these two fighters to trade everything they have until someone hits the canvas.

British Welterweight Cage Kickboxing:

Jason “Bad Ass” Barratt Vs Lee “Guitar man” Doski

This is going to be an extraordinary bout between to seasoned veterans, both these fighters are well rounded mixed martial arts practitioners but tonight they will go head to head in a cage kickboxing bout, both men started there careers as kickboxers and will be comfortable striking this bout will be fought over 3 x 3 minute rounds of action.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< ADDITIONAL REPORT FROM LEE WHITEHEAD OF MMAWEEKLY.COM: Che Mills vs. Paul Kelly has been signed for this event as well. This fight was confirmed by both parties today and will be announced in the near future via Cage Rage for the September Card. Interestingly, Paul Kelly was originally meant to be a challenger to Paul Daley back at Cage Rage 21 but was sidelined due to injury and in his place stepped Paul Jenkins. Hot on the heels of his victory over Sami Berik in Cage Warriors, we see him step up onto the main stage against one of Mark Weir's protégés.