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UFC veteran Jason Tan headlined the fourth installment of Cage Gladiators this past weekend, against highly rated BJJ expert Alexandre “Xandinho” Izidro.


The two fought a war that shifted back and forth over the three rounds. Tan was first to draw blood, early in the first round, opening a cut and forming a huge mouse under the right eye of Xandinho. Things were looking touch and go for a while as the injury was inspected, but the fight was allowed to continue.


Initial thoughts would have led you to believe that Xandinho would have a definitive advantage on the ground, but he came dangerously close on a couple of occasions to being submitted, most notably by way of armbar midway though the second. On the flip side, it was the Brazilian who was getting the better of the stand-up exchanges in the third and final round and could arguably have taken the decision win had he pushed the pace a harder. All in all, Tan picked up a hard earned win and moves back into the winners circle following back-to-back losses.


Wolfslair heavyweight Tom Blackledge tore through Premyslaw Mysiala with unnerving ease en route to the Cage Gladiators Heavyweight Championship. Size-wise this match-up always favored the larger Blackledge, as Mysiala has comfortably fought at light heavyweight in the past and is clearly more suited to the lighter of the two categories considering he weighed in for this bout at 98kg (216lbs).


Starting off in brutal fashion with two devastating roundhouse kicks to signal his intent – the second of which lifting Mysiala clean of his feet and sending him tumbling to the ground – Blackledge wasted no time in closing distance on his fallen opponent. Comfortable to remain in guard and rain down brutal elbows, he proceeded to methodically target the brow of his Polish adversary with the fourth strike finding its mark opening a nasty cut in the eyebrow line.


Sensing the pain from the strikes, Mysiala tried to evade the blows, scrambling out of guard and gave his back. It was a moot point though as referee Mark Goddard noticed the flow of blood and prompted a medical check. Game over in the interests of safety and Blackledge picks up the belt having exerted himself a mere 95 seconds.


Up and coming welterweight charger Paul Kelly worked his patented ground and pound attack on the tough, but wild, Jordan James forcing a ground and pound stoppage at the 2:40 mark of the second. There were protestations to the stoppage coming from James, who argued that it was premature, but from where I was sitting, being held in a crucifix, unable to defend yourself against strikes from above and having a nasty cut opened above your left eye is hardly grounds for complaint. Clearly upset, he stormed off to the dressing room to ponder how he could have possibly escaped such a disastrous position.


Jay Gladden submitted Kieron McKintee after an excellent display of Muay Thai, showing that he is no one-trick pony and clearly one to watch. Coming out to fight brandishing Thai shorts should have been a hint, and landing a beautiful high kick to the head was an exclamation mark, still McKintee kept his hands low in the exchanges and found himself pressed up against the cage eating knees he couldn’t defend. Desperate to sway the tide of the bout, he took his opponent down and found his chances evaporating fast. Strike after strike forced him to give his back and that was all the invitation Gladden needed to sink in the Rear Naked Choke for the tap at the 2:39 mark.


In other action, David Johnson succumbed to the well known triangle of Paul Sass, Rob Sinclair managed to KO Richie Downes on the ground with a well measured attack, Mick Sinclair submitted Soli Clichko via side choke with ease, Denzil Thomas laid a solid guillotine on Tom Baxter for the tap, and Jay Kieron laid a ground and pound clinic on Svajanus Siaucila for the stoppage.


Jason Tan def Alexandre Izidro via Decision

Tom Blackledge def Premyslaw Mysiala via Doctor Stoppage (Cut) R1 1:35
Jay Gladden def Kieron Mckintee via RNC R1 2:39

Paul Kelly def Jordan James via GNP R2 2:40

Paul Sass def David Johnson via Triangle R1 1:20
Jay Kieron def Svajanus Siaucila via GNP 2:22

Rob Sinclair def Richie Downes via KO R1 2:46

Tom Baxter def Denzil Thomas via Guillotine (Tapout) R1 3:05

Mick Sinclair def Soli Clichko via Side Choke R1 1:07

Jay Manning def Joe Whelan via Guillotine (Tapout) R2 2:29