by Ricardo Mendoza – MMAWeekly.com
Kazunori Yokota was victorious today at Koruaken Hall at DEEP 27, as he defeated fellow up and coming lightweight prospect Yoshihiro “Barbaro 44” Tomioka by majority decision. This was a rematch as the two met last year at a Club DEEP event. The pair fought a hard fought fight but it ended in a draw, as neither was able to dominate the other. Yokota now becomes the number one contender for the DEEP Lightweight Championship, as he will face off with DEEP Lightweight Champion Nobuhiro Obiya at DEEP 28 with the winner more then likely getting an invitation to fight in Pride sometime next year.

Ryuta Sakurai was victorious as he had little trouble with the inexperienced Geovani Pereira, submitting him with an arm lock early in the first round. Sakurai was originally scheduled to face off with DEEP Middleweight Champion Ryo Chonan in a rematch of their fight earlier this year, where a broken nose ended the fight prematurely giving Chonan the win and the title. Chonan instead opted to take time off and go on his honeymoon as he was just married. It now seems that both fighters will finally collide at DEEP 28 with the DEEP Middleweight Championship on the line.

Fabricio Monteiro continued his winning ways in Japan as he submitted former Welterweight King of Pancrase Kiuma Kunioku with a rear naked choke in the first round. Monteiro defeated DEEP Welterweight Champion Jutaro Nakao by decision at DEEP 26 in a non-title fight and now it is more than likely that the two will meet again at DEEP 28, this time with the DEEP Welterweight Championship on the line.

Monteiro’s teammate Delson “Pe De Chumbo” Heleno was victorious in his Japanese debut beating Team Grabaka fighter Eiji Ishikawa by decision continuing his recent hot streak, which include wins over Daniel Acacio at Fury FC 2 and a stoppage win over Miltech trained Ben Uker at a recent IFL show. It is likely that Heleno will make his Pride debut sometime next year as DEEP has been used as a springboard to Pride with fighters like Gegard Mousasi and Joey Villasenor being two recent examples.

DEEP 27th Impact
Koruaken Hall
December 20, 2006

Lightweight Bout: Kazunori Yokota beat Yoshihiro “Barbaro 44” Tomioka by majority decision (2-0)

Middleweight Bout: Ryuta Sakurai beat Geovani Pereira with an armlock at 0:57, into the first round

Welterweight Bout: Fabricio Monteiro beat Kiuma Kunioku with a rear naked choke at 4:41, into the first round

Middleweight Bout: Delson “Pe De Chumbo” Heleno beat Eiji Ishikawa by majority decision (2-0)

Women’s Bout: Satoko Shinashi beat Kim Tae Kyung with an armbar at 4:16, into the first round

Middleweight Bout: Kim Dae Won beat Yuya Shirai by KO at 3:31, into the first round

Middleweight Bout: Kim Dong Hyun beat Jun Ando by KO at 0:45, into the second round

Lightweight Bout: Kim In Seok beat BULL by unanimous decision (3-0)

Openweight Bout: Makoto Kato beat Seigo Mizuguchi by KO at 2:00, into the first round
Middleweight Bout: Katsunori Kikuno beat Hiroki Nagaoka by majority decision (2-0)

Lightweight Bout: Takuhiro Kamikozono beat Hiroshi Nakano by unanimous decision (3-0)

Lightweight Bout: Motoki Takinishi beat Hirotaka Miyakawa with a armbar at 4:46, into the second round