Bryce Logan Prepared to ‘Finish Off’ Robby Ostovich at Victory FC 54

December 8, 2016

Since making a change in the way he prepares for fights earlier this year, up and coming lightweight Bryce Logan was able to rebound off a loss and have one of his strongest performances.

Bryce Logan - VFC PhotoAgainst a then-undefeated Grant Dawson in January, Logan was finished within the first round, however in his next bout, against CJay Hunter in June, he came back with a unanimous decision win.

“I started out in January for Victory, and I took a tough fight against one of their young studs in Grant Dawson, and he got the better of me that night,” Logan told “He showed up to fight that night.

“Then I bounced back and fought in April for RFA (against Hunter) and I dominated the fight. I didn’t get the finish, but I won the unanimous decision, and barely took any damage in the fight.”

The change that helped facilitate the turnaround was Logan’s decision to travel outside his native North Dakota and get in work with one of MMA’s most prominent gyms.

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“One thing that did change is now I’m going down to Phoenix at Power MMA for three weeks to a month out of every camp, just to get with a little more high-caliber training partners,” said Logan.

“That’s something I changed after that January fight. I realized I was making a step up in competition, so it was time to branch out a little bit. We did that before my April fight and my performance was much better.”

Logan (4-2) will look to pick up his second straight win when he takes on Robby Ostovich (3-2-1) in a main card 155-pound bout at Victory FC 54 on Friday in Omaha, Neb.

“I’ve seen a few of Robby’s fights, but you never know how much a guy evolves from fight to fight,” Logan said. “You don’t know, until you get your grips on a guy to kind of tell what he’s made of. I’m preparing for another top-notch opponent.

“I see a few areas where I think I can really go out and impose my will on him, and take the fight where I want to take it and finish it off.”

While not one to look too far ahead, Logan has set being more active in 2017 as a goal for himself heading into next year.

“In my MMA career and life in general is one-day-at-a-time,” said Logan. “But my main objective is to stay busy, because if I’m staying busy, I feel like I’m taking steps in the right direction to get to where I want to go.

“It’s nice to set concrete goals here and there, but after this year and only getting in two fights, my main objective in 2017 is to stay busy.”

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