Bruce Lutchmedial Sprawling and Brawling Towards Titan FC Championship

August 5, 2016

In picking up a unanimous decision victory over Pablo Alfonzo in his Titan FC debut this past April, bantamweight prospect Bruce Lutchmedial was able to pick up his fifth win in a row and get his foot in the door of the national stage.

“Although (Alfonzo) was a lot more experienced than me, I feel my MMA striking and my kickboxing and boxing ability is what won me that fight,” said Lutchmedial to “That’s usually what wins me all my fights; my striking and my knowledge of distance and timing. Those are the things that are most important things in MMA striking.

“He barely touched me. He caught me four or five times the entire fight. I was sticking and moving, just touched him, and kept moving. I wish I would have gotten the finish, but I did what I had to do against really game opponent with a lot more experience than me.”

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Originally Lutchmedial (5-1) was scheduled to face Edir Terry in his promotional return at Titan FC 40 on Friday in Coral Gables, Fla., but will instead be facing Alfonzo’s training partner, Miguel Restrepo (4-1-1) in a main card 135-pound bout.

“Most of the people I fight want to take me down,” said Lutchmedial. “Almost everyone I fight wants to take me down because they know they can’t handle the boxing, they know I have so much reach on them.

“Pretty much my whole game is stand-up and tag people up, and sprawl ‘n brawl. That’s my game plan going into every fight. I’m not taking anyone down and laying on them for 15 minutes. That’s not me. If you watch any of my fights, they’re all stand-up wars.”

Should Lutchmedial win on Aug. 5, he’ll fight for an opportunity to challenge for the Titan FC bantamweight title. Should he claim that title, he could find himself on the fast track to the UFC not long afterwards.

“I started on my journey of MMA and being a martial artist at the age of 13, 14, and I told myself way back then that I’d be a professional fighter and I would be one of the best fighters in the world,” he said. “Fighting for Titan, my coaches down here at ATT tell me that it’s pretty much as close as I can get to the UFC without being in the UFC.

“My work ethic has always been the same, if not stronger. This last fight with Pablo, this coming fight, I’ve been training like a monster. Everything from my diet, to my work out to my training partners, I’m doing everything I need to do to get to the UFC.”

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