Bruce Buffer ‘Shocked and Horrified’ by Conor McGregor’s Rampage

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There’s hardly a sole that is endorsing Conor McGregor’s UFC 223 Media Day rampage, accept maybe McGregor himself, and that goes for longtime Octagon announcer Bruce Buffer.

The man charged with introducing the fighters just before they start punching each other in the face told TMZ Sports that he was “shocked, horrified” by McGregor’s actions at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, N.Y. last week.

For those that don’t know, McGregor and about a dozen or so individuals entered the Barclays Center following the Media Day festivities on Thursday and stormed the loading dock where UFC 223 fighters and corners were loading into vans to be transported back to their hotel.

Conor McGregor Hurling Dolly UFC 223 EmbeddedMcGregor and crew proceeded to lay waste to the loading dock area with McGregor himself throwing a hand truck through one of the van’s windows, which injured Michael Chiesa, Ray Borg, and at least one UFC employee. Chiesa and Borg’s UFC 223 bouts were canceled because of their injuries.

UFC president Dana White called it the most disgusting incident in company history. Buffer concurred. 

“As whole, everybody has their own personal reaction, but I think it’s total disgust,” Buffer told TMZ Sports. “There’s no excuse for it. It’s an insult, it’s disgusting, that’s not what we’re about.

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“I don’t care who they are, but anybody that justifies that has a problem,” he continued. “(I was) shocked, horrified, never would think that anything like this would ever happen. 

“In my 22-plus years of being in the UFC and doing everything I can in my life to build this great brand and support this fantastic sport from my own little niche that I do, it’s like you s**t on all of us with that one move.”