by Damon Martin – MMAWeekly.com
It didn’t take long for the feeling of a loss to sink in before former WEC featherweight champion Mike Brown was making the call to get back in the cage. As a matter of fact, it was the very next day.

Brown, who lost his 145-pound title to Jose Aldo in November, was quick to pull the trigger and ask for another fight to get the bad taste out of his mouth.

“I had lost my fight and I called up Reed Harris the next day and said, ‘Reed, you’ve got to get me on this card. I can’t go out like that,'” Brown told MMAWeekly Radio recently. “I need to stay busy and I can’t rest until I get that behind me. He did me a favor, pulled some strings, and pushed things around and him and (WEC matchmaker) Sean Shelby worked together and got me on the card.”

Praising Aldo for his performance was the humility that Brown has always shown, but he was also critical of his own fight that night and vows to come back a changed fighter this Sunday night at WEC 46: Varner vs. Henderson in Sacramento, Calif.

“It wasn’t me out there,” Brown commented. “I wasn’t aggressive. It’s like I didn’t really want to fight that night. It was really strange; it totally wasn’t like me. I just didn’t have the tenacity, the aggressiveness that I normally have.”

Stepping onto a card on short notice and finding a quality opponent is tough, but Shelby went out and got Anthony “Cheesesteak” Morrison to step in and face the former champion on Jan. 10. Brown knows his opponent’s reputation and was happy Morrison accepted the fight.

“He’s coming off a huge win, knocked Alvin Robinson out. I mean, Alvin’s a great fighter, and Robinson, all of his losses are to top notch guys; guys like (Kenny) Florian and guys like this. Knocked him out in 40 seconds; that’s not easy to do,” said Brown.

“Every fight is dangerous. I get nervous for every fight. I get scared and I don’t want to lose any fights. For me there’s no fight that’s more important than others.”

While his focus stays steady on Morrison, Brown would be kidding himself if he denied getting back the WEC gold is his No. 1 priority. First things first, Anthony Morrison is standing in his way, and then the title belt.

“If I don’t beat Morrison, nothing else matters. If I don’t beat Morrison, I don’t get another shot at the belt,” Brown stated.

“If I do win, I want to get back at the title. That’s what I’m in the sport for. I want to get back on that road and get back there. If I win this, I’d like to get the winner of (the next featherweight title fight).”